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Pro 36 Bar - 35 g

Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein is the solution to satisfy your appetite between meals and avoid catabolic states. This delicious bar allows you to feed your muscles with its 36% proteins of high biological value, including your hunger and will allow you to recover more quickly after exercise. Besides, it is very delicious and sugar-free.

    Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein is perfect to at any time of the day.

    Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein is designed to satisfy hunger between meals and prevent catabolic states, which helps feed your muscles at all times, making them grow. It contains the ideal amount of proteins and carbohydrates you need to supply your muscles with energy during training.

    For all those who practice sports and like to take care their body by using quality food rich in nutrients, Best Protein has created the delicious product Pro 36 Bar, which is a delicious bar ideal for a good nutrition as it contains the ideal amount of carbohydrates and proteins that will allow you to feed your muscles and have the energy necessary to be strong and keep fatigue at bay, you will feel completely energetic for longer.

    If you happen to be usually hungry during the day and you do not get anything delicious and healthy to eat, then you should take delight in eating the delicious Pro 36 Bar. This product was made especially for you, as it will help you satisfy your appetite and will give you the nutrients you need to have a successful training or at any time you need something fast and efficient to eat. In addition, it helps prevent the onset of catabolic states, which occurs when the body feeds on the muscles due to the lack of energy and not having any other source of nutrients available, so you must prevent it if you want to keep the muscle mass you have worked so hard to build. Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein prevents muscle damage by helping you keep your muscles well fed at all times.

    The delicious Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein has 36% protein, hence its name. Besides, per each bar you eat your body receives few kilocalories, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, food fiber, proteins and salt. By now, you could have realized that this delicious bar does not contain sugars, so you can enjoy it, having peace of mind, by knowing you are ingesting the nutrients your body needs after or before a training. With this product you can keep your muscles fed and your appetite at bay, even, in those days you take a break, Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein is ideal for supplementing the daily diet. It has a small size that fits perfect in a pocket and to take with you wherever you want to have it available when you need it.

    Facts of Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein:

    • It contains 36% of proteins.
    • It keeps the appetite at bay between meals.
    • It keeps your muscles well fed in order to prevent catabolic states.
    • It contains the ideal amount of carbohydrates and proteins.
    • It provides your body with the energy it needs to cope with daily activities.
    • It is perfect to keep fit because it does not contain sugars.

    Keep your muscles fed always by eating Pro 36 Bar from Best Protein, which fills you with energy and satisfies your appetite free to guilt.

    Recommended use: eat as a snack between meals for satisfying your appetite or after training for a quick recovery.

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