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The great Micellar Pro from Best Protein is an extraordinary sports supplement developed from the protein of fresh undenatured milk, thus allowing to preserve its high protein value of great purity. This unbeatable product is perfect to help strengthen the functions of the immune system, promote the recovery of muscles after training.

    Micellar Pro from Best Protein, a protein supplement of slow absorption, essential for an optimal muscle development and for the adequate performance of some functions of the organism.

    Micellar Pro from Best Protein is a super nutritional supplement made from micellar casein, only from fresh undenatured milk, an advanced method of producing proteins of the highest purity that allows to supply a significant amount of amino acids to the body, coming from this fantastic component of natural origin. This extraordinary product has been developed with the purpose of supplementing a balanced diet thanks to the fact that it considerably extends the aminogram of our body, favoring with it the optimum physical development and the adequate performance of important functions of the organism.

    Experts in physical development recommend taking Micellar Pro from Best Protein to sportsmen and athletes during their training routines because its composition rich in high purity proteins stimulates the proper development of their muscles. This fantastic protein supplement of slow absorption promotes the recovery of the muscles after intense training routines, helping to reduce the risk of catabolism thanks to the nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues and at the same time, helps to promote the muscle growth. Micellar Pro from Best Protein provides a sustained release of protein for 7 hours in a row, generating an appropriate feeling of fullness and is also ideal to supplement nutritional plans with low caloric intake.

    The extraordinary supplement Micellar Pro from Best Protein also provides the health of your body with great benefits. The important input of amino acids provided by this unbeatable product helps to strengthen the body's defenses and strengthen the immune system. At the same time, the innovative formula of this great nutritional supplement helps achieve the correct absorption of other nutrients in the body.

    Facts of Micellar Pro from Best Protein

    • Made with micellar casein, a protein source of great purity from fresh milk.
    • Provides an important protein of slow absorption.
    • Releases its protein value for 7 hours thanks to its prolonged action.
    • Brings a large number of amino acids to the body.
    • Promotes the adequate muscle development.
    • Helps promote a correct muscle recovery.
    • Combats the catabolism.
    • Stimulates the strengthening of the immune system.
    • Provides a pleasant flavor.

    Micellar Pro from Best Protein also contains Calcium Caseinate, Golden Flax Seed in powder and formula, and also comes in three delicious flavors: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars.

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, experts recommend taking 35 grams of Micellar Pro from Best Protein twice a day, the first dose after training and the second one before going to bed.

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