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Kre Alkalyn - 120 caps

Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein is a supplement of alkaline creatine, with a pH greater than 12, which allows a better absorption by the digestive system. Get more muscle mass, and increase your endurance without having to go through a loading phase. You will also have a full recovery that will allow you to return to your training routine in a short time.

    Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein is a source of energy, endurance and muscle development that really works. Take your body to a whole new level with this advanced creatine!

    Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein is an alkaline creatine supplement, which has a pH greater than 12. As a result, it has the ability to provide energy and greater endurance to the muscles, as it provides its effects directly and very effectively.

    The constitution of this creatine causes it to be released stably in the body. It is absorbed quickly, thanks to the fact that it also has a high bioavailability. Its properties enter the bloodstream quickly, delaying fatigue and improving physical performance. Its virtues favor the development and noticeable formation, in a short time, of the tissues that make up the muscle mass.

    Creatine monohydrate is a supplement virtually vital for elite athletes. This is because it has been proven to increase the energy levels of the muscles. But the problem is that when it gets to the stomach it converts into creatinine and loses much of its potential. The medical research has discovered that Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein has a pH greater than 12. Consequently, its alkalinity makes it more resistant to the digestive process without losing its valuable properties. That is, it does not become creatinine. Therefore, its active ingredients pass quickly into the bloodstream and, as a result, they give an energy boost directly to the muscles, which makes you feel the impulse to exercise a bit more than expected.

    Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein provides you with all the energy you need to train and really get the best results. Add it to your sports nutrition, and improve the level of construction and building of your body. Since its virtues go directly to your muscles, you will also have a full recovery. That is, a rest period in which your muscle tissues get fully repaired and grow in the shortest possible time. You will no longer feel the fatigue of your daily effort. On the contrary, you will feel ready to do more. This supplement does not require loading phases to provide its benefits. So, you can start to consume it directly and get more strength and greater performance.

    Facts of Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein

    • Increases the levels of energy.
    • Improves muscle volume.
    • Delays the effects of fatigue.
    • Quickly absorbed.
    • Great bioavailability.
    • Optimizes the recovery period.
    • Prevents the manifestation of cramps and discomfort.

    Kre Alkalyn from Best Protein is an alkaline creatine supplement that will work wonders for the improvement of your training. Deeply improve your endurance and increase your muscle mass with this product that really works. Check for yourself its easy absorption and the power of its active ingredients manifesting directly in your muscles.

    Recommended use: take 3 tablets a day, about 50 minutes before training.

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