Isolac Bar from Best Protein are delicious protein bars perfect for the snack after training or as a substitute for some food, it has more than 35gr of protein and about 280 calories.

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    Isolac Bar from Best Protein, energy and protein in a single bar

    The proteins and calories in the Isolac Bar from Best Protein, in addition to all its vitamins and minerals offer the nutrients necessary to meet the needs of our body and to be able to comply with a normal metabolic process. This composition is designed specifically to quench the appetite in case you cannot meet any of the meals of the day, making it an excellent occasional replacement of some snack style food. The Isolac Bar from Best Protein with its 80 grams are a great help for all those who are in the phase of weight loss or who require a greater muscle definition.

    Especially effective in athletes, this protein bar will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the food that has to be supplied as a snack, with flavors between chocolate and coconut, is a great way to maintain the figure and at the same time stay well fed. Ideal for meals before and after training and even a snack on days off, the Isolac Bar from Best Protein guarantees all the nutrients you need at the time and place you want. With more than 35gr of protein and just over 280 calories you will undoubtedly have the energy to perform physical activities that require extra stamina and strength. In addition to satiate the appetite, it effectively decreases anxiety, avoiding over-eating and achieving the ideal weight, which will be a great help in reducing body fat percentages.

    Facts of Isolac Bar from Best Protein

    • Multiple vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy diet
    • In its 80 grams, this bar counts with more than 35 g of protein and only 280 calories
    • Satiates the appetite
    • Eliminates the anxiety that causes the excess of food intake
    • Chocolate and coconut flavors
    • Contributes to weight loss and muscle growth and definition

    A healthy, delicious and nutritious snack, the Isolac Bar from Best Protein will gain a place in your lunchbox and cupboard so you can eat it whenever you want and you can achieve or continue that active and healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly one of the best snacks available in the market and at an incredible price.

    Recommended use: Snack between meals or occasional replacement for main meals, ideal for regimens of weight loss or muscle definition.

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