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Glutamine - 500g

Glutamine from Best Protein is a sports supplement specially indicated to reduce and delay muscle pain that usually appears after the training day. It also favours a quick recovery of muscle tissue, facilitating an optimal performance the next day and also supports the immune system against viral processes.

    Glutamine from Best Protein, the nutritional supplement that will help you improve your physical appearance and significantly increase your muscle mass.

    L-Glutamine is an amino acid of great importance for the body, because besides being the most abundant, it is responsible for the optimal operation of the brain and digestion.

    Even though the body generates L-Glutamine naturally, after training, a catabolic process takes place in which this amino acid is consumed in large quantities and in that situation the body needs more L-Glutamine than it can produce. For this reason Best Protein, always thinking about your health and well-being, especially brings you Glutamine, a nutritional supplement indicated to minimize the wear and tear of muscle mass in situations of maximum effort; as in the case of intense training or when suffering an injury.

    Glutamine from Best Protein stimulates muscle growth and contributes to its recovery from catabolism in situations of intense exercise or after a strong and extensive training day. This product also acts as an anti-catabolizer without altering blood sugar levels, helping the recovery of intramuscular energy. It also cooperates in the delivery of the necessary nitrogen in the tissues, muscles and organs of the body.

    Glutamine from Best Protein is a nutritional supplement of great importance for athletes, because its consumption contributes to the improvement of the intestinal flora by optimising the assimilation of nutrients for the full use of food. It also favours the metabolism and the immune system, preventing the infections that may appear after performing workouts that require great efforts. Finally, it is also very useful to prevent muscle wear and tear, increase glycogen reserves and delay fatigue.

    Facts of Glutamine from Best Protein. 

    • Supports the immune system.
    • Removes excess ammonia.
    • Favours the digestive system.
    • Favours the synthesis of proteins.
    • Easy to ingest.
    • Dissolves easily.
    • Prevents muscle wear and tear.
    • Reduces the effects of catabolism during sleep.
    • Reduces the feeling of muscle fatigue.
    • Has antioxidant properties.

    Glutamine is a food supplement created by Best Protein. This product is very useful to prevent muscle wear and tear, improve muscle glycogen replenishment, delay the onset of exhaustion and prevent infections that may be suffered by athletes after training or exercise that requires a lot of effort. It is also necessary to decrease the effects of catabolism during sleep hours and enhance muscle growth.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement of a balanced diet and to gain muscle mass take a serving (5 g dissolved in 250 ml of water), preferably half an hour after weight training to reduce muscle wear and tear and facilitate its recovery.

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