Oats is the star component in this super succulent FlapJack bar, so, when you take a bite, it releases a large amount of energy, especially for you to enjoy as a super fabulous restorative bar, either before or after a very intense workout. Also, you can eat it if you just want to.

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Flapjack Bar from Best Protein is made of the very powerful energy coming from oats and has the delicious taste of chocolate.

The mega delicious Flapjack Bar from Best Protein is characterized by being incredibly energetic, so it is perfect to eat before physical exercise as a super appetizing energy boost, or even after training, for a deliciously fast recovery. There are those who enjoy it as a substitute of baked foods, because it is made in an entirely healthy way, that is, with oats, so it provides you with more fiber, carbohydrates and all the super essential nutrients of this great cereal.

The appetizing Flapjack Bar from Best Protein became super famous for being the best energy booster, since its main ingredient is oats, which, in every intake provides a powerful proportion of carbohydrates, which are absorbed by the body in a great way, progressively and very slow, precisely to offer you lasting energy. In this way, Flapjack Bar from Best Protein is very appetizing to recover vigorously after a demanding workout, also before starting the day, or to eat a substantial source of energy when you need it most.

The delicious oat flakes that were selected for the formulation of these authentic bars have a great amount of fiber, so, apart from being super crunchy and super soft, they also have greater volume in the stomach, therefore, they satisfy you deliciously and make you not feel a sudden desire to eat, better known as "attacks by sweet pecking". In addition, Flapjack Bar from Best Protein is exuberant in fiber, so it is suitable to regulate digestion, and of course, avoid constipation.

Moreover, oats contained in this excellent product provide many vitamins (vitamins E, B5 and B6) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, sodium, etc.), so it is a magnificently balanced and ultra nutritious energy supplement. In fact, the protein value of this bar is very high since oats, in terms of protein percentage, is very complete and contain amino acids.

The great and very exquisite taste of this succulent bar is unparalleled, so it is super nice to eat, you will even taste tiny pieces of chocolate, so the fun is more than guaranteed. Get buy some!

Facts of Flapjack Bar from Best Protein

  • Incredibly energy bar, also abundant in carbohydrates.
  • With a rich oats flavor combined with chocolate chips.
  • Provides fiber, which satisfies your stomach and regulates your digestion.
  • Contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Crunchy and soft.

Flapjack Bar from Best Protein has a very fabulous flavor, with a super crunchy texture, due to its large amount of oats and fiber. So, do not wait to enjoy it and increase your vitality, strength and achieve the improvements you want in your training.

Recommended use: enjoy the fantastic Flapjack Bar from Best Protein when you need to boost your levels of energy, either before training, after training, or at any time that you feel moderately depleted.

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