Energy Crunch, a recharge to your batteries with a good taste and carbohydrates needed to have the tank full all day. With a reinforcement of taurine to recover from your exercises quickly, the Energy Crunch bar is an energy bar of the best quality and flavor.

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Energy Crunch Bar replenishes energy levels with a delicious flavor.

Eating Energy Crunch bars is an easy and delicious way to obtain a recharge of energy anywhere at any time of day, one of these provides 50% of carbohydrates, recognized for supplying energy quickly and easily. Carbohydrates are the basis of our diet also known to be the fuel that our body requires to get in action, they can also contribute to our health because they accelerate the intestinal transit, and also promotes the muscle recovery for those fitness lovers and athletes who take care of their diet.

This has a perfect size, ideal for athletes who require snacks while waiting for their next meal, it is the perfect supplement to get the desired results faster. It is reinforced with taurine, a non-essential amino acid characterised by being the second most abundant in the body, especially in the muscles, and which helps to recover after exercise, also works to improve the development of the nervous system. It also has l-carnitine, a natural substance whose function is to improve the transport of fatty acids and is responsible for the production of energy in cells, it is also a great support for the immune system and has an important role in improving the Health.

If you want a sweet that enlivens you for the rest of the day you can get Energy Crunch, the solution to your whims, ideal to boost your energy levels. With vitamins and minerals, perfect to eat before or after training.

Every day there are more energy bars in the market, athletes and fitness lovers know that it is an important supplement to their diet, and that they are one of the best food in the diet, and the quality that Best Protein puts in the Energy Crunch bars make them the ideal ones to add to a diet, since often they can not count on the time to take a milkshake or many times their diet will demand more snacks between meals, the delicious Energy Crunch bars are perfect for that moment.

Facts of Energy Crunch Bar

  • High content of carbohydrates.
  • Protein input.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Delicious flavor.

Energy Crunch bars are the ideal snack you need when you want to indulge in eating and end anxiety while waiting for your next meal, with its excellent flavor one of these bars will give you energy to better take the pace of your hectic and active lifestyle. Perfect to accompany your workouts and improve your recovery process, with Energy Crunch from Best Protein, you will be receiving your extra dose of energy and all its benefits.

Recommended use: eat one (1) bar per day.

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