ChocoNut Protein from Bestprotein is a nutritional supplement that will allow you to taste the delicious flavor of the cocoa cream, with no regrets to gain weight, as it is a rich snack with a high fiber content, and is low in fat. Increase your energy daily with this delicious spreadable cream on your cookies or desserts.

Choconut protein - 250g

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    ChocoNut Protein, the best and most delicious way to bring protein and energy to your body for better performance.

    ChocoNut Protein, is a delicious product developed by Bestprotein based on cocoa cream in two fascinating presentations; Cocoa with Hazelnuts and Milk with Hazelnuts, marketed in the world of sports and "Fitness" training thanks to its components rich in fibers and vitamins that increase energy levels and, in turn, contribute to improve the physical performance of athletes in their sports training.

    ChocoNut Protein from Bestprotein is used to spread and accompany foods such as: Whole bread toast, gluten-free cookies or any other healthy and delicious snack, ideal to accompany your breakfasts or snacks, thanks to the low levels of fat content present in the cacao cream. Specialists in physical training and nutrition and dietetics, widely recommend the use of ChocoNut Protein, as it allows you to enjoy the rich taste of chocolate without worrying about ingesting inadequate amounts of sugars, carbohydrates and fats that would affect your body and figure.

    With the use of ChocoNut Protein from Bestprotein you will have the privilege to delight yourself with exquisite desserts full of the traditional chocolate flavor that everyone loves without remorse, thanks to the fact that, in addition to its effective protein content, it is developed with sweeteners, which makes it more attractive to people submitted to nutritional plans for the reduction of weight in their organisms and conventional patients with pathologies related to alterations and lack of control in blood sugar levels. The effectiveness of this extraordinary product has been proven through the application of scientific tests, taking as a test object, to high performance athletes, and demonstrating that the consumption of ChocoNut Protein really increases the energy in athletes, thus improving the results obtained in their stamina and physical performance.

    Facts of ChocoNut Protein from Bestprotein

    • Ideal to consume at any time of the day, thanks to the low levels of fat and carbohydrates it contains.
    • Delicious chocolate flavors with hazelnuts and milk with hazelnuts.
    • Perfect to accompany your desires and desserts.
    • Contributes between 23% and 25% of proteins to your organism.
    • High fiber content.
    • Increases your vitality and endurance, improving the performance of your body.
    • Suitable for athletes and high-performance sportsmen, as well as for "Fitness" enthusiasts
    • Can be ingested by patients with alterations in the levels of sugar in its organism, thanks to that its content is developed based on sweeteners

    ChocoNut Protein from Bestprotein is ideal for sportsmen and athletes, as including ChocoNut Protein cocoa cream in breakfast can bring strength and energy to the body, so you can feel energized daily to undertake all your sports activities.

    Recommended use: As a food supplement, spread on bread, biscuits or if you prefer you can consume it only as a snack.

    Opiniones de ChocoNut Protein - 250g

    Remi 2016-12-14 00:57:34
    Cual es la informacion nutricional?
    Beltran 2016-12-14 11:03:59
    Hola se la dejo Chocolate: INFORMACIÓN NUTRICIONAL 100 g Valor energético 567 kcal Grasas 36,40 g de las cuales saturadas 6,40 g de las cuales monoinsaturadas 12g de las cuales poliinsaturadas 18 g Hidratos de carbono 58.40 g de los cuales azúcares 0.70 g de los cuales polialcoholes 52,00 g Fibra alimentaria 4.10 g Proteínas 23.20 g Sal 0,003 g
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