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Beef Pro from Best Protein is the protein created with the best quality meat protein to provide your body with the best along with necessary nutrients while you practice exercise. It is a great fast absorbing protein supplement that will improve your muscle mass. Take it before or after each workout to ensure great results.

    Beef Pro from Best Protein: the way to take the best protein.

    Beef Pro is a protein made with a natural source of excellent quality meat, its main function is to give energy to athletes and all those who see in sports a way to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Its components are those necessary to supply your body with all the nutrients that will help you to carry out your exercise routine in a satisfactory way.

    This nutritional supplement is a food with a high concentration of the true protein of high biological value, it is easily absorbed, and with a lot of energy content, with this you get the best benefits during physical training. Its proteins are isolated, that is, it contains a good amount of amino acids in each serving, in this way it will be possible to be absorbed quickly and show off a better muscle mass growth, sports fans can enjoy it and receive its benefits.

    Lean meat provides our body with an important protein input, however, acquiring it in the traditional way (consuming meat, fish, among other foods) is not the only option. For this reason, Best Protein has created Beef Pro which is ideal for people who do not like meat so much, and prefer an option like this, or simply want a more natural and high quality protein that helps them achieve their goals in terms of physical performance and muscle mass growth.

    The benefits obtained through nutrition need a supplement like Beef Pro that helps meet in time the protein and vitamin requirements of the organism, under a training routine according to the exercise intensity level you perform. All the benefits can be obtained immediately through Beef Pro combined with healthy foods.

    If you want to have excellent energy input in a short time and muscle mass gains for a long time, with Beef Pro you can achieve it in a healthy and natural way without harmful effects on your body, only the best high quality meat.

    Facts of Beef Pro from Best Protein:

    • Totally low in fat.
    • Provides you with the necessary amount of proteins.
    • Provides you with an anti-inflammatory effect after intense training.
    • Its high content of amino acids helps develop your muscle mass.
    • Created with the best protein.
    • Quickly absorbed so you feel the effects immediately.
    • You will not have much pain after exercising or training, as Beef Pro relieves it.

    Beef Pro is ideal for athletes or people leading a fitness lifestyle who want to stay and continue to sculpt an incredible body. No food should be substituted for its intake, its combination with the daily diet increases its benefits. Try it and you will notice positive changes in your body like never before since it contains very good quality lean meat.

    Recommended use: dissolve a spoonful of the product in a glass of water. Should be taken before or just after training to ensure the success of it.

    Questions and answers
    Hola, podrían decirme el amino-grama de esta proteína?, las cantidades de cosas que llevan por toma?...y si lleva cacito. Gracias y un saludo.
    2018-07-13 14:26:52 Francisco Hernandez Martinez
    Hola buenos días. Le dejo los valores nutricionales y aminograma por cada 100 gr. Y sí lleva cacito en su interior. Valor energético 368.6 Kcal, Grasas 3.6 gr, de las cuales grasas saturadas 2 gr Hidratos de Carbono 1.4 gr, de los cuales azúcares 320 mg Fibra 1.3 gr Proteínas 82.7 gr Sal 420 mg L-Glicina 18 gr, L-Prolina 10.3 gr, L-hidroxylprolina 9.1 gr, Ácido L-Glutámico 8.7 gr, L-Alanina 7.3 gr, L-Arginina 6.1 gr, Ácido L-Aspártico 4.8 gr, L-Lisina 3 gr, L-Leucina 2.8 gr, L-Serina 2.7 gr, L-Valina 2.3 gr L-Fenilalanina 1.9 gr, L-Treonina 1.7 gr, L-Isoleucina 1.4 gr, L-Tirosina 822.6 mg, L-Histidina 787.1 mg L-Metionina 718.8 mg, Hidroxilisina 394.7 mg, L-Triptófano 182.3 mg Un saludo
    2018-07-16 11:41:04 Carlos Neptuno
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