BCAAs + Glutamine from Best Protein is the ideal product for all those people who are dedicated to the practice of any activity that requires a physical effort of intermediate or strong level. The benefits that you obtain, from the first moment in which you decide to have this supplement as part of your exercises, are many.

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    What do you take it for? Recuperacion muscular y anticatabolico
    How is it taken? Swallow with water
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? From one to three times a day
    When should it be taken? Before, during and / or after training
    Usos Performance increase

    BCAAs + Glutamine from Best Protein will help you to a large extent for the recovery of your muscles.

    Thanks to the properties of this product, you will be able to stop in a very efficient way the wear of your muscles during the practice of any physical activity, allowing you the quick recovery and growth of your muscle mass.

    It is the most used food supplement in the sports field for the wide variety of benefits it offers to each and every one of the people who have decided to apply Bcaas + Glutamine as a supplement to their day. The human body uses this product to repair each and every one of our muscle tissues that were damaged in the practice of exercise, making recovery much more optimal and preventing this muscle tear from happening again in the future.

    It helps to a large extend to our entire immune system, optimizing its operation with each intake. You will have at your disposal a boost of energy at the time of your workouts, thanks to the reduction of muscle catabolism, and at the same time it stimulates greatly the growth hormone of all the muscles involved in your physical routine.

    Doing your exercise daily routine will not be like before, you will feel in a way that your body will thank you, because the feeling of fatigue will be a thing of the past. At the moment that any person performs exercises they suffer tears of the muscle tissue, which will also be a thing of the past, you will gain more oxygen throughout your organism since the production of hemoglobin is the most suitable. You will reinforce the action of your immune system, another very important factor that can provide this supplement.

    As you have already noticed, there are many good things for your body that this product can offer you, you will be gaining two benefits in one activity, the one that gives you this product and the practice of exercises. Overall, the results you will receive can be noticed in the shortest possible time. Doing exercises will not be the same, and the exhausting sessions and its repercussions will not affect you anymore.

    Facts of BCAAs + Glutamine from Best Protein

    • As a main point you will greatly reduce all muscle wear.
    • You will get a significant delay of fatigue.
    • Reduction in a large percentage of muscle catabolism.
    • The immune system will be increasingly stronger.

    We highly recommend the intake of this supplement, the benefits you will get can be noticed from the first day you apply it. This will allow you more efficiency in the practice of exercise and therefore the benefits for your body will be much greater, so it becomes healthier and healthier than you have ever imagined you could achieve in such a nice way.

    Recommended use: its use is not recommended in pregnant women. This product should be ingested by adults in a portion of 12 grams, combined with water or natural juices twice a day. It must be ingested at the beginning of the physical activity.

    Opiniones de BCAAs + Glutamine - 500g

    Cual es mejor esta o amix en bccas y glutamina o BEST 2019-03-01 11:18:20
    Cual es mejor de bccas y glutamina la marca BEST O AMIX para trabajar mejor en muscular
    Carlos Neptuno 2019-03-01 12:31:27
    Hola, buenos días. Ambos productos son muy válidos para su objetivo. Un saludo.
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    Giselle 2019-02-22 15:36:52
    Que ratio tiene este producto?
    Carlos Neptuno 2019-03-01 10:42:42
    Hola, buenos días. El ratio del producto es 6:1:1. Un saludo
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