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Cooking spray 100% coconut oil - 500ml

Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy is an excellent product that offers you all the benefits of a healthy, low-calorie and fat-free oil. You can use this natural origin oil in order to prepare your favourite meals. It is perfect for frying, baking, roasting and even spreading, with the peace of mind that comes from eating healthy food.

  • VeganVegan
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy is the best oil because it is free of calories and fat, perfect for preparing your favourite meals.

    Coconut oil has very healthy characteristics and it is one of the most natural oils that offers a great amount of benefits, including promoting weight loss, low amount of calories and fats, which makes it a healthy and versatile product.

    Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy offers all these benefits in a practical and attractive presentation, easy to use, perfect to use in the kitchen while you prepare your favourite dishes. It does not change the flavour of your meals and it can be used in the grill, oven or in the pan.

    Coconut oil has thermostable characteristics, which makes it perfect for frying and preparing delicious meals without the disadvantages of common oil. Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy has a comfortable and practical spray presentation which makes it easy to use and spread on any surface, avoiding accidental spills. It is perfect for those who look for a low-calorie diet in order to obtain a healthier body and an optimal physical condition.

    Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy is made of 100% extra virgin oil, its lauric acid content makes it an efficient oil against bacteria and viruses in the body. It is not a refined or hydrogenated oil and free of fats, which are the cause of various types of illnesses in the body. Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy is easily digested and quickly assimilated by your body, efficiently changing it into energy in a short time without side effects and without modifying fat values ​​in the body, promoting weight loss. That is why, this is a remarkably healthy and efficient oil in order to keep good health. So, if you want to follow a diet but eating your favourite dishes, this is the best natural option.

    Characteristics of Coconut Oil in Best Joy Spray

    • It contains 100% extra virgin coconut oil
    • It is rapidly metabolized by the body
    • It efficiently transforms into energy
    • It is a thermostable oil, ideal for frying
    • It does not contain trans fat or calories
    • It is non-stick
    • It helps in weight loss
    • It is healthy
    • It is easy to spray and spread
    • It comes in a convenient presentation
    • Does not contain gluten

    Content per dose (¼ second spray or 0.25g):

    • 100% coconut oil
    • Its calorie content is <2
    • The amount of calories from fat is <2
    • It contains 0g of fat, saturated fat and trans fat
    • Total carbohydrates is 0g
    • Its sodium content is 0g
    • It has 0g of proteins

    Coconut Oil Spray by Best Joy offers you the possitbility to prepare healthy food and at the same time, delicious meals without the disadvantages and negative effects of other oils in your health .

    Recommended use: it is recommended to shake it before using. Press and spray the quantity you need. Spread at about 20cm of distance. Do not drill. Do not use it inside the oven.

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