Dehydrated Beef - 35g

Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd is a healthy snack that brings low-calorie proteins to the body. You can buy it in 35 g bags and choose from three delicious flavors: Spicy Tomato, Smoked Barbecue and Sweet pickle. It is a recommended snack for athletes and people being on diet.

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    Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd: the healthiest snack.

    Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd is a healthy snack ideal for anyone who is looking to maintain a good diet to improve their physical performance or to have an adequate weight. This snack is a source of low-calorie protein. You can choose between three delicious flavors: Spicy Tomato, Smoked Barbecue and Sweet pickle. Its 35 g format makes it an easy-to-carry snack.

    Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd was dehydrated in the air. This procedure consists of extracting water from the meat by evaporation, which inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms and makes food rot. Top Herd added different spices, sauces, herbs and 100% natural condiments to increase and enhance the flavor of its dehydrated beef. It should be noted that Top Herd only uses meat from cows fed with natural grass to ensure that all the food it offers is top quality. Due to its high content of protein and vitamin B, the dry meat favors the increase of energy and improves the functioning of the nervous system. In the process of dehydration of the meat leaves the most important nutrients for the body.

    With the snacks of Top Herd you can satisfy your hunger between food and enjoy from the most classic to the most exotic flavors. Dehydrated Beef with spicy tomato flavor, it is prime quality beef, marinated for 12 hours in a mix of Bloody Mary with spices. The ingredients used to make this rich sandwich are water, tomato powder, honey, red wine, soy, salt, spices, dry plums, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, celery and mustard.

    A pack of 35 g provides 14.9 g of protein. The delicious smoked-barbecue-flavor Dehydrated Beef will delight your palate with the classic flavor of the barbecue, but without calories. It contains 86% of meat, water, soy beans, salt, apple vinegar, spices, celery, mustard, natural aromas and provides only 91 calories per 35 g bag. Your mouth will enjoy a mix of flavors with the sweet-pickle-flavor Dehydrated Beef from Top Red because it is a delicious meat marinated in chutney, a variety of sweet and spicy spices from West India. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Each pack of 35 g provides 96 kcal, 14.9 g of protein and only 1.1 g of fats. Eat delicious food throughout the day and nourish your body with the exquisite Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd.

    Facts of Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd

    • High in protein.
    • Low in fat.
    • Variety of flavors.
    • 100% natural ingredients.

    Include in your diet the delicious snacks of Dehydrated Beef from Top Herd and eat healthy.

    Recommended Use: open and eat.

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