Beef from Indiana Jerky is a delicious appetizer based on the best 100% dehydrated beef that contributes to the daily consumption of athletes or active people a high percentage of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to give it all in the gym and enjoy a more concentrated, healthy and nutritious meat product.

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    Beef from Indiana Jerky: delicious low-fat protein snack for a healthy lifestyle.

    Beef from Indiana Jerky is a nutritious snack made with the best 100% dehydrated dried beef to provide a healthier diet and provide a lot of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

    All that a good piece of meat brings to the body, but in conserving its properties for a healthy lifestyle. Indiana Jerky is a product line largely recognized for its dry-processed meat products, an ancient technique adopted by the Indians, but using more recent technology that takes advantage of each of the best meat on the market. Beef from Indiana Jerky is a fat-free, protein-rich snack. A serving of 100 g contains 240 g of raw meat for a better concentration of its benefits and nutritious contents. The ideal solution for those who want to enjoy a good bite of meat and from the comfort of your home or work.

    We know that being away from home can be a deterrent to consuming protein before or after training, however, Beef from Indiana Jerky is the solution that athletes were hoping to incorporate into their daily intake. Best of all is that protein opens easy for a comfortable and accessible consumption from anywhere. Now, Beef from Indiana Jerky has also become the ideal appetizer for physically active people, such as weightlifters, athletes, mountaineers, bodybuilders, etc., since it contributes to the maintenance of the muscles a high protein content, approximately 12 g per serving of 25 g, in addition, it is a rich source of energy to start the routine with all the motivation. Beef from Indiana Jerky is made with long-lasting meat, since each sachet includes an oxygen absorbent to keep its taste, aroma and quality in perfect condition.

    Facts of Beef from Indiana Jerky

    • 100% dehydrated beef
    • Provides 12 g of protein per serving
    • Delicious source of energy, vitamins and minerals
    • Convenient 25 g format, easily open
    • Long-lasting meat
    • Low fat
    • Promotes a balanced diet
    • Contributes to the maintenance of the musculature
    • Light and highly nutritious food
    • Product of long duration and quality

    Beef from Indiana Jerky is much better than eating a whole chunk of meat. First, because it is a low-fat snack without dressings that can damage the taste, that is, pure and healthy meat alone, and on the other hand, it contributes a high energy, protein, vitamins and minerals content that no athlete can resist to reach the goals in the gym.

    Recommended Use: Eat a serving of 25 grams a day at any time and place for a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle.

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