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Hoodie Thor - Be Legend

Hoodie Thor from Be Legend is a garment designed for sports practice. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, both are high-quality elements. It features a jersey hood of the same shade. Its parts have been double-knitted and fits any body comfortably, plus it absorbs body sweat, which makes it perfect for training.

    Hoodie Thor from Be Legend, ideal to wear in your sports routine.

    Hoodie Thor from Be Legend is a comfortable and functional accessory for sports activities. It offers protection against cold temperatures and humidity and offers resistance to wind in the practice of outdoor exercises.

    It is made with 20% polyester and 80% cotton. Its jersey hood has a band and serge cord for adjustment. This garment has been connected to double needle sewing to provide more safety and quality. It fits comfortably the body, providing freedom of movement. It absorbs body moisture effectively.

    For practicing any sports is necessary to wear comfortable garments, that give freedom of movement, and made of materials that allow the skin to breathe. That's why, Hoodie Thor from Be Legend is an excellent product for any sports. It is made with cotton of the best quality that absorbs the perspiration and protects the body against the climate conditions without being to too hot. Its hood features an adjustable cordon that protects against the wind, which can be a nuisance when training outdoors. It has a design that suits the figure and at the same time provides freedom of movement.

    Hoodie Thor from Be Legend can be worn for any kinds of activity such as footing, cycling, bodybuilding, fitness, martial arts or boxing. It is a high-quality sportswear which is useful for all kinds of sports, as it keeps the body dry, when it begins to sweat. Its shape provides a sense of confidence and suits different body conditions. For example, it is comfortable for someone thin, but also works for someone with more muscle mass. Besides, it keeps the body protected from the action of humidity that can cause the undesirable muscle cooling. It retains a moderate level of heat.

    Facts of Hoodie Thor from Be Legend:

    • Mostly made of cotton.
    • Ideal for the practice of your favorite sports.
    • Its hood is made from jersey.
    • Absorbs body humidity.

    Hoodie Thor from Be Legend is a sportswear suitable for the practice of sports under moderate temperatures. It is made of cotton and polyester, which make it comfortable, fit any figure and absorb perspiration. Its hood features an adjustable serge cord that protects the head from cold or rain. It is useful for bodybuilders, gymnasts, cyclists, boxers or martial arts practitioners. It absorbs the perspiration and keeps the body protected from outside humidity. Its elasticity makes it suitable for different muscle structures.

    Recommended use: for practicing sports or just if you want to wear it in the gym while doing your exercise routine.

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    Cordial saludo Quisiera saber si hacen despachos a latinoamérica - Colombía,,,logicamente cobrando el envio. Saludos
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    Buenos dias, actualmente solo enviamos a Europa , lo siento. gracias un saludo
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    ¿Teneis las medidas de los tamaños? por saber cual talla es la mía . Gracias .
    2017-12-20 23:01:05 santiago
    Buenos dias , mandanos un correo a info@masmusculo.com y nos comentas el tema de las medidas y mis compañeros te las diran, gracias un saludo
    2017-12-21 09:34:35 Joel
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