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Be green energy - 200g

Be Green Energy by Be Essential is a food supplement that contains a mixture of organic foodstuff, such as alfalfa, spirulina, wheat grass and kale. It has a detoxifying and energising action, which is really useful to protect the digestive system, skin health and hair, and boost energy and stamina.

    Be Green Energy by Be Essential increases your energy and protects your body from diseases!

    Be Green Energy by Be Essential is made with organic foodstuff with a detoxifying and revitalising action, such as alfalfa, whose regulating benefits of the urinary and digestive system intervene to cleanse the body of toxins and support in the treatment of kidney failure and gastric ulcers, stimulates the immune system, and optimises its reaction to viruses and bacteria. It has a high iron content that not only helps you to prevent, but also to fight iron deficiency anemia. It will reduce cholesterol levels and the appearance of migraines and improving appearance of the skin. This formula contains spirulina which has a big amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that improve muscle strength and endurance of the body. It helps to improve your physical shape and vitality. It detoxifies the body of heavy metals, lowers high blood pressure and also boosts the immune system. Its high content of vitamin B6 reduces the risk of heart attacks and fluid retention in the lower area of ​​the legs. It also contains biotin, necessary for the maintenance of hair, nails and skin. Another ingredient in this food supplement is wheat grass, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels, controlling blood pressure levels and increasing the body's defenses. Its high detoxifying power helps to cleanse the body and promotes blood and liver purification, eliminates toxins, cleanses the colon and can prevent different diseases. Finally, kale improves the proper functioning of the stomach, liver, immune system and heart. It is considered a great support of the diet for athletes since its high content of minerals and vitamins helps to replace fluids and vitality after your training.

    What is Be Green Energy by Be Essential?

    • It contains a blend of organic powdered foods.
    • It has a big amount of protein and fiber.
    • It is rich in nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
    • It keeps a healthy skin and hair.
    • It strengthens the immune system and detoxifying action.
    • It provides vitality and energy.
    • It is gluten-free.
    • It is 100% natural.

    What is in each dose of Be Green Energy by Be Essential?

    Be Green Energy by Be Essential is a powdered food supplement, easy to dilute and quickly absorbed. It is made with Powdered Organic Alfalfa, Powdered Organic Spirulina Seaweed, Powdered Organic Wheat Grass and Powdered Organic Kale.

    Content per dose (10 g):

    • It provides an energy value of 144.3 kJ / 34.4 Kcal.
    • It contains 0.63 g of fat, of which 0.1 g is saturated fat.
    • It has 1.3 grams of carbohydrates, of which 0.2 grams are sugars.
    • It provides 2.6 grams of fiber.
    • It contains 4.6 grams of protein.
    • It has 0.04 g of salt.

    What is Be Green Energy by Be Essential for?

    Be Green Energy by Be Essential is the food supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals to keep good health. Its detoxifying effect reduces toxins from the body. In addition, it works as a powerful energizer that restores vitality and energy to improve daily activities. It strengthens the immune system protecting the body from diseases.

    Be Green Energy by Be Essential recommended for nourishing, detoxifying and revitalising. It is perfect for athletes and people with daily physical activities. It is useful to take care of the health of the skin and hair. It is a support for blood pressure treatments and cholesterol and blood sugar control.

    Recommended daily dose of Be Green Energy by Be Essential

    • Take 10 to 30 g.
    • Dissolve it in 200 or 300 ml of water, milk or fruit juice.
    • Take it once a day.
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