BCAA Malate 2:2:1 - 120 capsules

Get online BCAA Malate 2:2:1 - 120 capsules from XXtreme Nutrition at MOREmuscle. Extra muscular protection! Buy at MASmusculo.com.

What do you take it for? Anabolic Effect: repair and build
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose Six capsules
How many times? Once or twice a day
When should it be taken? Before and/or after training
Usos Gain muscle mass

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BCAA 2:1: 1 Malate of XXtreme Nutrition

Extra muscular protection!

The professional athletes have a clear obligation, they must train harder, more time, to feel less fatigue and have the necessity of regeneration of the fastest way and to prepare themselves for the training with a better sport performance.

We have responded to this necessity and we have designed BCAA 211 Malate, that do not only work as the common BCAA, but also makes possible to improve the athletic performance, to reduce the fatigue and to recover faster. Nowadays, you will not find a better secret weapon of the power and resistance.

More energy, less fatigue! Change to the greater power!

The BCAA itself are the protector and energysource for the work of muscles. Our BCAA with Malate Citrulline, nevertheless, it will provide more nutrients to muscles and energy for a better performance of the muscles that need it more.

During the training, the muscular performance stays until the lactic acid begins to work, a remainder product of of the metabolism. The lactic acid accumulation causes a reduction of the performance, muscular fatigue, pain, and in some cases, the muscular cramps. And that is generally at the end of a good training.

BCAA 211 Malate finish these preoccupations. Or at least pospones them for more ahead. With the Malate Citrulline, that this formula contains, and dedication it is possible to be trained during much more time, since the Malaeo Citrulline is responsible for the elimination of lactic acid in muscles and reduces the fatigue.

A faster recovery!

The complex of BCAA 211 Malato is not only able to shorten significantly the recovery time after the training, in addition, thanks to the recently discovered Malate Citrulline, their capacities have been improved to provide still more effective results.

The Citrulline does not only successfully reduces the lactic acid formation, but also have an effect on the sanguineous flow increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle after the training, which produces an important acceleration of regeneration. The studies have demonstrated an increase of 20% in the rate of growth of post-training regeneration .

Properties of BCAA 211 Malate

  • It increases the speed of recovery
  • It makes possible a long period of intense training
  • It increases the levels of the nitrogen balance
  • It increases the amounts of bicarbonate, ornitine and citrulline
  • It protects against the muscular degradation, promotes the growth
  • It has anabolic effects in the metabolism of proteins
  • A significant support to the aerobic production of ATP (inner muscular energy)
  • It reduces the lactic acid for the sport performance and successfully eliminates the excessive ammonia formation
  • It increases the absorption of nutrients (BCAA, protein, creatine, glutamine, etc)

The optimal proportion of 2:1: 1
Many studies have recommended doses of amino acids L-leucine L-isoleucine and L-valine in the proportion 2:1: only because the first amino acid in the body and also in many proteins of animal origin represents approximately the double of the amount. As its name indicates, BCAA 211 Malate have followed these scientific recommendations in all the details.

Greater muscular mass BCAA 211
The Malate produces the progressive increase of the growth of the muscular mass. The studies have demonstrated that the use of Malate of citrulline, that appears in our mixture of BCAA leads to grater levels of arginine and ornitine, that are the essential amino acids for the muscular development, since these amino acids influence positively in the level of the growth hormone in the body.

Thanks to this great formula, you can be sure that with BCAA 211 Malate, you will only obtain the best!

Directions: In order to protect the muscular mass take 6 capsules around 40-60 minutes before the training. In order to accelerate the muscular regeneration, take 6 capsules immediately after the training. In both cases, with a glass of water.

Supplement Facts per 100 g.
Serving size: 6 capsules
Doses per package: 20
per 100 g.


485 kcal
82 g
17.4 g
0.5 g

Other ingredients: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-Valine, L-citrulline malate, gelatin capsule

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