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Ointment that treats all types of wounds, inflammations and problems, from scratches and headaches to insect bites and nasal congestion. Made with natural ingredients without chemicals or toxic agents, to treat people of all ages.

    White Tiger Balm: quick-acting ointment.

    White Tiger Balm from Tiger Balm is made of medicinal herbs that have a rapid margin of action. Tiger Balm is a brand of medicinal products made in a natural way that originates in ancient China, each product is designed with special herbs and each line of products are designed for a group of society and activity in particular. It is one of the classic products of the brand, designed for the whole family and for all ages tested and designed with herbal medicinal formulas with more than 100 years of care.

    White Tiger Balm from Tiger Balm is used for all types of pain, scraping, nasal congestion and even for insect bites. With a quick action The White Tiger Balm assures a quick efficacy; a product designed by the world-renowned Tiger Balm brand with history and existence from ancient China. Each Tiger Balm product is designed based on herbal remedies and of course the White Tiger Balm is no exception. Tiger Balm is concerned about the care and health of its consumers, which is why within the product line "Classics" are products that can be used throughout the family overcoming the age and time barrier. 

    A product tested and designed with the majors medicinal herbs, to be able to treat people of all the ages. With White Tiger Balm and its herbal formula, it effectively resolves all those discomforts quickly and effectively. Stop worrying about the pain or scrapes, with this fast-action product of Tiger Balm you will be able to get rid of all that without any consequence due to the natural herbs in its formula.

    Facts of White Tiger Balm

    • Fast acting ointment for all types of pain.
    • Made with medicinal herbs.
    • It treats with congested nose, scrapes and insect stings

    A brand recognized centuries ago by a Chinese emperor, a product that has been present in history since ancient China. Tiger Balm and The White Tiger Balm will take care of you as they have been doing for years.

    Recommended Use: Cream for pain, rash and congested nose, apply to the affected area.


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