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Red Tiger Balm is an excellent topical balm that acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory. It relieves joint and muscle pains that can be generated by exercise. Replace quickly, so that you are always prepared for your next sport or athletic routine and make the most of each activity you undertake.

    Red Tiger Balm combats the suffering of muscular or articular ailments.

    Red Tiger Balm is developed and marketed by Tiger Balm. It is commonly used around the world due to its recognized effectiveness in alleviating common pains. In its preparation, basic ingredients of natural origin are employed, such as; Essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, mint, eucalyptus, camphor and cajeput, contributing to the mixture its innumerable therapeutic benefits and deriving in its strong and characteristic smell. Each of the components used in the elaboration of this renowned topical balm are well known for its health and medicinal properties. The typical brown tint in the coloring of the balm is due to the levels of essential oil of cinnamon present in the composition. It also has a heating action for cinnamon and refrigerant for menthol.

    This fantastic balm is applied on the skin and has anesthetic and analgesic properties, providing relief from the ailments associated with muscular and joint affections resulting from degenerative processes of the organism, such as arthritis or back pain. The natural components of this wonderful product, such as camphor, dilate the peripheral blood vessels, generating adequate stimulation of the circulation and providing a feeling of warmth. The increased blood flow and the sensation of heat favor the analgesic effect because it distracts the sensation of pain in the affected area. The Red Tiger Balm has been used in the oriental culture for centuries, thus verifying its effectiveness. Its use does not replace any medical treatment, however, it is used to relieve pain locally through massages in the sore area.

    Facts of Red Tiger Balm

    • It is a product developed with ingredients of natural origin that do not generate any side effect after its use.
    • It has great analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, ideal to counteract the suffering of muscular and joint pains.
    • It provides expectorant benefits that stimulates the respiratory system to function properly.
    • Ideal for athletes and sportsmen thanks to it allows them to quickly recover from conditions that hinder their optimal physical performance, such as tendinitis.
    • It warms the muscles before physical exercise and relieves the ailments that originate after it.
    • It acts as an insecticide, combating mosquito bites and bugs.
    • It improves the process of blood circulation.
    • It has aphrodisiac properties thanks to the stimulating power of cinnamon oil.

    Red Tiger Balm is generally used for its broad analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an indispensable ally for anyone. It counteracts muscle pains such as exhaustion, contractures, tensions, back pain, sprains, bumps and any muscle problems. This wonderful natural product allows muscles to release tension and reduce inflammation of joints and tendons and relieve the pain caused by these conditions. In addition, it contributes to diminish articular pains such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, torticollis, stiffness, skeletal problems, among other related problems.

    Recommended use: As a topical balm, apply a small amount of Red Tiger Balm and rub it gently in the affected area to enjoy all its healing qualities.

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    Buenos dias David,si trae esos gramos es un bote pequeño y da mucho de si .un saludo
    2017-02-07 10:17:37 Hector
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