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It always happens that we wake up with some kind of muscle soreness in the mornings due to the activity of our previous day, whether for doing sports, work or some other incident that causes us physical discomfort, all of them annoying and in some cases unbearable.

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White ointment - 64g
White Tiger Balm - 19gBalsamo del Tigre
Ointment that treats all types of wounds, inflammations and problems, from scratches and...
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Ointment tiger balm red - 64g
Red Tiger Balm - 19gBalsamo del Tigre
Red Tiger Balm is an excellent topical balm that acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory. It...
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Tiger Balm Is responsible for solving all those problems with products made with medicinal herbs, perfect for those who have problems with the chemicals used in the recurring creams and sprays of the industry. The brand has a century of history, with its beginnings in China of 1870 with an herbalist from the emperor's court of that time, developing an ointment that was effective with all sorts of pains, from there the sale of said medicine could achieve that his children after arriving in Singapore spreaded such a wonderful product to different countries of Asia and later to call the product Tiger Balm, that soon would become the brand name of products with such an ancient and majestic history, being recognized as a "miracle" product around the world.

Tiger Balm has a line of products for each type of people, from the Classic one, designed for family use, capable of treating muscular pains of all kinds, following with the Balanced one, designed for people belonging to a modern family with parents busy due to their work schedules, with mosquito sprays, neck and shoulder relaxers and even patches designed for muscle relaxation; then comes the Junior line, developed for infants, with a patch against mosquitoes designed to avoid having to sprinkle the youngest members of the family with sprays or fill them up with creams, and lastly we have the Active line, a product line designed specifically for athletes and people who perform intense physical activities in their day to day, this line has a cream able to relieve muscle pain and "warm up" the area, perfect for pre-workout, it is not greasy and its application will avoid the pains that every athlete hates, this line also has a spray designed to be applied after a rigorous training to eliminate pain and discomfort resulting from physical activity, and finally, we have the muscle gel developed for muscle recovery, relieving tired muscles with its easy to apply, non-greasy texture gel. Tiger Balm is a brand that has various testimonials of its effectiveness around the world, being praised from ancient China, and that cares about its customers, even offering advice on massage to relax the muscles, the attention and quality of the brand is simply sublime, with a perfect record.