ATP Extreme® - 500 g

ATP Extreme? the powerful formula of Vitobest to obtain cellular energy! The ATP (Adenosin TriFosfate) is a cellular component that is fundamental for the obtaining of cellular energy.

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    What do you take it for? Nutrient increase in muscle cell
    How is it taken? With water, juice or milk
    Size per dose From half to one service
    How many times? Twice a day
    When should it be taken? Before and/or after training
    Usos Gain muscle mass

    ATP Extreme? the powerful formula of Vitobest to obtain cellular energy!

    The ATP (Adenosin TriFosfate) is a cellular component that is fundamental for the obtaining of cellular energy. This component takes place during the cellular breathing, and is consumed by many enzymes in the catalysis of numerous chemical processes.

    The ATP Extreme? contains a novel formula with the following characteristics:

    • Exponential increase of the ATP synthesis: It aids to the cells to increase the activity of the synthesis of the ATP and with this the amount generated by the cell increases.
    • Inhibitor of lactic acid: When this activity is being made during a prolonged time, an underflow of this lactic acid takes place that is detrimental for muscles, since this acidity reduces the performance of them.


    ATP Extreme? contains in addition Beta-alanine, D-Ribose, lipoic acid and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, malate of citrulline, coenzyme Q10 and AAKG.

    It is recommended for all the sports generally, and more focused for those in which an intense physical activity is required during a prolonged time like cycling, marathon, etc?

    It comes in pack with an explanatory pamphlet and a shaker as gift.


    Directions: As a dietary supplement, take half a dose before the training and half a dose after it. When no training is preferable to take 1/3 doses in breakfast, food and dinner.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 23 g
    Doses per package ~ 22
    per dose

    Arginine HCL
    Citrulline Malate
    Lipica acid
    Coenzyme Q10
    Vitamin B1
    Vitamin B2
    Vitamin B3
    Vitamin B5

    70,5 kcal
    19 g
    6.5 g
    0.1 g
    9000 mgs
    5000 mgs
    4000 mgs
    2000 mgs
    2000 mgs
    500 mgs
    100 mgs
    1.1 mgs
    1.4 mgs
    16 mgs
    6 mgs

    Reviews ATP Extreme® - 500 g

    • 07/16/2015

    Para mi el mejor preentreno si lo que buscas es resistencia, fenomenal para hacer cardio y sin estimulantes.

      • 02/06/2014

      Te mantiene con energía para continuar los entrenamiento duros.
      La disolución no es muy buena, además hay que agitarlo antes de cada toma, ya que no queda homogéneamente mezclado después de un rato. El mezclador de regalo no sella bien.

        • 02/25/2013

        o essencial de um pré-treino com resultados desde a 1ª toma. funciona realmente.

          2015-08-10 10:32:09
          ¿Se puede mezclar este producto con el HELL CORE de VIT.O.BEST?
          2015-08-12 18:40:51
          Hola Julio, si puedes tomar los dos productos al mismo tiempo, el ATP lo puedes tomar ante y después del entrenamiento y el Hell Core ante del desayuno y del almuerzo con estomago vacío. Saludos.
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