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Muscle Factor - 150 capsules

The fantastic Muscle Factor from Athletic Line by Scitec incredibly boosts your physical performance. It contains extracts of Coleus Forskohlii and HMB, therefore, it helps you lose fat, and at the same time, it protects your muscle mass, and increases your strength. In addition, it is an exceptional product that keeps your bones, teeth and the entire immune system healthy, since it has important amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

    Muscle Factor has everything you need in a single product that will make able to spend more strength on a daily basis, define your muscles and achieve a great performance in training.

    Muscle Factor is a product that belongs to the new range Athletic Line, by Scitec. It is a great nutritional supplement that has been made using ingredients of incredible quality to improve the sporting performance, for example, it gives you more strength, boosts performance, protects your mass muscle, promotes fat loss, stimulates muscle definition, and thanks to its fantastic contents of vitamin D and calcium, it helps keep your bones, teeth and immune system completely healthy and normalized.

    Muscle Factor is fabulous and highly recommended because it combines certain natural ingredients that are effective to help sportsmen to improve their sporting performance, namely, it contains extracts of Coleus Forskohlii, HMB, vitamin D and calcium, which provide extraordinary qualities to this exceptional supplement, precisely, to obtain the best performance and a very superior nutrition.

    In general, Coleus Forskohlii is a wonderful herb that in sport is used mostly to be able to favor daily fat burning, curb the appetite and improve the metabolism. Moreover, it is a plant that helps oxygenate the breathing and improves circulation very well, therefore, taking it while on a sports diet is fantastic, because, in this case, it helps the athlete to define their musculature, and of course, to the balance of their ideal weight, without excess of body fat index.

    In order to protect your muscles properly, Muscle Factor was enriched with HMB, which is an organic compound that helps improve the absorption of proteins in an amazing way, therefore, it is ideal to protect muscles, muscle mass, promote the increase in strength, the most efficient recovery, and also works superbly to decrease the fat index.

    On the other hand, to further complement these exceptional effects, Muscle Factor includes vitamin D and calcium, precisely, to keep your immune system in full balance, and at the same time, protects the bones and teeth. In fact, these substantial nutrients contribute to the energy metabolism, and the healthy functioning of your well-formed muscles, whose functions are necessary to carry out difficult, hard and very intense trainings.

    Facts of Muscle Factor

    • Stimulates the burning of fats, so it helps define your muscles.
    • Protects muscle mass on a daily basis and accelerates the recovery process properly, because it improves the absorption of protein.
    • Increases your strength, so it boosts physical performance.
    • Keeps the immune system, bones, teeth and muscles completely healthy.
    • Fantastically meets the sporting requirements for vitamin D and calcium.

    Enjoy the best performance and a well-defined body thanks to the consumption of Muscle Factor. Plus, you will take your sports nutrition to a whole new level.

    Recommended use: you should take about 5 capsules a day of this product, right after main meals. Preferably, 2 after breakfast, 2 after lunch and 1 after dinner.

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