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Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec is the most advanced multivitamin and the best formula that we have available for you, as it has 12 vitamins and 9 minerals, obtained from plants and vegetables, which will help you meet the highest demands, especially, if you practice sports every day, very intensely.

    Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec contains 21 essential nutrients, designed to incredibly optimize your good health and stimulate high performance.

    Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec is a magnificent and phenomenal multivitamin that contains 21 super essential substances for your physical performance, divided into 12 rich vitamins and 9 ultra-valuable minerals, extracted essentially from vegetables. It is a truly advanced formula, since it is enriched with vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, in addition, all these nutrients are present in ultra-high amounts, precisely, to help you meet your nutritional requirements in the face of intense and prolonged physical efforts.

    If you take every day this robust multivitamin, you will not need other supplements based on vitamins or minerals to enrich your sports diet, especially, because this formula is powered by all the nutrients that you need, starting, because it has an extensive complex of 12 vitamins, plus 9 super valuable minerals that offer fantastic benefits to achieve the most fascinating sports performance, and of course, ensure your good health.

    However, Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec is an advanced multivitamin that has been improved and fortified with two very fundamental substances, as is the case of vitamins D3 and K2, which are mega crucial for your very great cardiovascular health, bone restoration, as well as also, the magnificent reinforcement of your immune system. It is a fact that Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec includes the most basic nutrients, for example, vitamin C, which has an excellent antioxidant action, and also helps reduce fatigue.

    Vitamin E, B2, A and among other vitamins, without a doubt, are present in high doses, and in general, they are excellent to the body since they play an important role in the synthesis of the substantial amino acids; energy metabolism; maintenance of muscles; protection of cells from oxidative damage, among other functions. Also, the minerals included Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec are very important, since they contribute to muscle contractions, maintain the connective tissues super healthy; as bones absorb calcium to remain strong, this product is very suitable for that; minerals even intervene in the regulation a super healthy blood pressure, and participate in oxygenation and hydration.

    In short, Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec could be a good dietary supplement for intensive sports practice, and more, if you need the greatest and most convenient optimization of organic functions, in fact, it would be a serious mistake not to fortify your diet with vitamins or minerals, since your good performance depends a lot on the wonderful compensation of such nutrients.

    Facts of Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec

    • With 12 vitamins and 9 minerals, replenished with vitamin K2 and D3.
    • Optimizes your health and helps speed up sports performance.
    • Stimulates the energy metabolism in order to counteract fatigue.
    • Helps keep bones and connective tissues in incredible conditions.
    • Enrich your dietary plan fantastically with high doses of vitamins and minerals.
    • Offers wonderful absorption.

    From this fantastic and effective supplement, you can obtain all the benefits of vitamins and minerals, so, do not stop taking it every day in order to meet your nutritional requirements for such nutrients, enjoy better health, and of course, optimize your performance.

    Recommended use: take 1 capsule of Daily Mega Forte from Athletic Line by Scitec every day, at least three times a day, along with meals.

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