Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec is an incredible dietary supplement intended for sportsmen and professional athletes. It is especially designed for the recovery of energy after long and intensive exercise routines. A powdered product with a complete formula of carbohydrates, electrolytes and antioxidants, components that optimize hydration in long periods of exercise.

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Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec was created to hydrate and replenish your energies during your workouts.

Scitec Nutrition surprises us and incorporates in its new line the wonderful Isotec Race, a dietary supplement inspired by athletes undergoing intensive exercise routines. We know that routines including endurance exercises tend to excessively decrease all the energy stored in the body. As a result, a gigantic loss of electrolytes and hydration happen. Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec is a solution to replace all the nutrients that have been used during the exercise routine. 

Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec contains carbohydrates, electrolytes and antioxidants both to compensate for hydration during the training period as well as to provide energy. Also, this supplement is perfect also if we need a source of carbohydrates. It includes approximately 3 types of carbohydrate. Thanks to its inclusion, it allows you to replenish muscle glycogen immediately, while maintaining regularized the constant glucose flow in the body tissues.

It is not always an easy task to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to training. In fact, sport is a discipline that requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, it also supposes a sacrifice of energy and gigantic hydration. For this same reason, Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec is a solution with ingredients adequate to instantly replenish nutrients loss due to the practice of physical exercises. It is a supplement that optimizes your performance and keeps it high. In the same way, it is also an excellent alternative if you want is to boost your endurance. This supplement allows you to prolong your physical activities, with the benefit of optimizing water absorption through your routines.

Among the compounds of Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec, its contribution of vitamin C stands out. A component to improve the functioning of the immune system between intense days of exercise. It also consists of minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus so as not to neglect the electrolyte balance, as well as being an excellent and highly recommended source of protein for the daily maintenance of muscle tissue.

Facts of Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec

  • A dietary supplement in powder format.
  • Composed of 3 types of carbohydrates.
  • Contains electrolytes and antioxidants.
  • Rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Perfect to replenish energy and hydration during exercise.

Isotec Race from Athletic Line by Scitec is a powder supplement ready to become your favorite drink. Keep your performance at its peak and prolong your exercise routines and achieve your goals. Do not allow intensive exercises, moisture, among other factors completely absorb your energy and hydration. Use this dietary supplement to restore your vitality and strength.

Recommended use: a supplement intended for adults with the best physical and health conditions. Mix a dose of 35 grams with 500 ml of water and drink during training.

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