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Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec is an incredible supplement to optimize concentration and maximize your physical performance. With its 15 active ingredients, it is an article to provide energy constantly, making the exercise practice much more bearable, powerful and practical. In this way, you have the opportunity to prolong your exercise routines and accumulate better results for your physical health.

    Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec is an excellent supplement to improve your exercise routines and optimize your concentration.

    Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec is the supplement you need to better yourself and achieve your goals. A food supplement that guarantees and provides the 9 most essential amino acids, including BCAA (branched chain amino acids) and L-Glutamine.

    Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec thanks to its powerful formula can be ingested in order to effectively improve exercise routines. It is a product inspired by hard-core athletes that provides your body with the perfect energy to prolong the duration and even boost your endurance during training. Get concentration, mental freshness and an engine for your physical performance.

    It is not easy to get used to a lifestyle in the practice of physical exercises and being on a healthy diet. There are many components such as essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body. For this same reason, they must be administered through food supplements such as Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec. BCAA, for example, offer 35% of essential amino acids, focused mainly on muscle tissue. While L-Glutamine, on the other hand, plays an important role in human blood.

    During intensive training, the body is in a position in which is unable to meet its nutritional requirements, but you can counteract that inability through nutritional supplements as the one presented herein which was enriched with the 9 most important amino acids. Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec manages to replenish your body during your physical activities and properly maintain your functions.

    Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec offers even higher doses of BCAA: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. Which are components that are usually consumed in large quantities during training. However, they are also needed for muscle repair. Considering its role, which is extremely important in the body, this food supplement has been designed to be incorporated in higher doses. In this way, you will not have excuses to reduce the duration or intensity your exercise routines. Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec allows you to get the most out of you during long days of physical activity.

    Facts of Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec

    • Designed to improve your exercise sessions.
    • Suitable for sportsmen or professional athletes.
    • Contains 9 essential amino acids for the body.
    • Ideal to awaken your mind.
    • Provides high values ​​of energy.
    • Optimizes your concentration in new levels.
    • Boosts performance during physical activities.
    • Contains traces of gluten, nuts and soy.

    Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec is a nutritional supplement ideal to improve your exercise routine, optimizing your concentration and providing high energy values. A product especially intended for the consumption of professional athletes or sportsmen due to the characteristics of their trainings. Obtain the ingredients essential to boost your performance in the days of exercise and obtain unique results. Electrics Aminos from Athletic Line by Scitec is the number one booster of effectiveness for really productive workouts.

    Recommended use: a daily food supplement to mix in a dose of 19 grams with 500 ml of water until it is completely dissolved.

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