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Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec presents the best way to taste some delicious crunchy oatmeal flakes, enriched with whey protein. Although oats are an ingredient rich in nutritional values, these flakes have been powered with an extra of protein in order to strengthen and build muscle tissue.

    Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec brings for you the tastiest oatmeal flakes. Eat them in two versions, strawberry or chocolate.

    Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec offers you the best in oat flakes. It is a food valued for its wide nutritional profile. It is essential in the lives of athletes and people on a very strict diet, all thanks to its benefits as for properties and satiating effects. These flakes offer you a crunchy texture that melts in your mouth. A totally flexible supplement that can be eaten directly or accompanied with vegetable drinks. If you are looking for an exclusively healthy consumption, these rolled oats will fit like a glove.

    Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec is an option for the public interested in getting used to a healthier lifestyle. This exquisite product offers you crunchy oat flakes that eat more than once every day. Breakfast is one of the most important meals, for this same reason, you must keep a healthy alternative to correctly do all your activities of the day. Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec goes for healthy oat flakes, suitable for tasting with water, milk or vegetable drinks.

    During the course of the day, we also look for quick cooking food. Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec is a food supplement that does not involve a very extensive production process. These rolled oats do not require cooking, you just have to accompany them with some drink of your choice. It is an alternative for fast food, especially, if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. As it is a product of simple preparation, it is also one free of colorings, preservatives or other harmful modifications. It is made in a 100% natural way to preserve all its properties and guarantee an optimal and healthy consumption.

    Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec offers a texture and fragrance to make your mouth water. In addition, it is not only enriched with the properties and essence of oats, but it also contains pieces of strawberry and chocolate in order to allow to take delight in a totally different, harmonious touch, but above all, delicious. It is really a favorable option for those people leading an active lifestyle and those who also want to maintain their physique and overall health in excellent conditions.

    Facts of Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec:

    • Delicious oat flakes to wake up.
    • Contains an extra of protein unlike other similar products.
    • Produces satiating effects.
    • Made in a 100% natural way.
    • Comes with two different flavors: strawberry and chocolate.

    Active Morning from Athletic Line by Scitec has the best and most delicious oat flakes to start the morning on the right foot. It is a product that contains an extra of protein and yummy flavors, namely, strawberry and chocolate. You will lick your fingers. It is an alternative to cheer our mornings with a crunchy texture and the most delicious fruit essence.

    Recommended use: a supplement quick and easy to prepare. These oat flakes can be soaked in warm or hot water. According to your personal tastes, you can consume them crunchy or let them rest until they get a smoother texture.

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