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Infusion Silue-T - 20 sachets

Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio is a natural infusion that contains Rosemary, Dandelion, Tila and Grama that helps supplement the weight loss process. The main advantage of incorporating this pleasant drink into the dietary plan is that it is very beneficial to eliminate fluid retention, favor the purification of toxins and get rid of everything that is unnecessary in the body.

    Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio: authentic natural combination to supplement the much desired weight loss.

    Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio is a natural infusion made with an authentic combination of herbs that serves as a supplement in weight loss treatments as it helps eliminate fluid retention and promotes the cleansing of accumulated toxins in the body, ideal to achieve a slender and healthy figure. In addition, it is an ecological product that brings to our comfort a healthy alternative, preserved in all its natural properties and fully indicated for each and every of the lifestyles.

    Maintaining an adequate weight is a healthy habit that we should all incorporate into our lives, however, it is true that sometimes we do not find the right supplements to achieve it, since most have chemical and unhealthy components. The good news is that herbal infusions, especially those made by Artemis Bio represent a very healthy resource to support the thinning process, firstly, because they are very healthy to achieve any objective respecting the correct operation of the organism, and on the other hand, are made with the best selection of Herbes Del Molí plants to ensure a quality intake.

    Generally, Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio is a natural mixture of Rosemary, Dandelion, Linden and Grama which together have an excellent depurative action, helping to eliminate the retention of liquids and toxins accumulated in the organism. One of the main advantages of having this ally is that it is a 100% organic product, which means that its ingredients are from organic farming which conserves all the natural properties of plants, is generous with the operation of the body and of course highly recommended for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Nor can we forget that it is an incredibly nice drink in flavor and aroma to enjoy it to the fullest and make the process of weight loss an enjoyable experience.

    Facts of Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio

    • Excellent combination of rosemary, dandelion, lime and grass
    • Supports and supplements the weight loss process
    • Helps eliminate fluid retention and purify toxins
    • From organic farming
    • Pleasant flavor and aroma
    • Comfortable pack of 20 sachets

    It is not necessary to resort to strict diets or highly harmful drinks for the body, on the contrary, if a balanced diet is led and the rich Infusion Silue-T from Artemis Bio is incorporated into the weight loss plan you are very likely to reach a slender, defined and completely healthy figure.

    Recommended use: in a cup or glass of hot water, put 1 sachet of the infusion and wait 5 minutes. Drink and enjoy.

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