Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO has been specially created to lose weight. It is a tea of Chinese origin recognized for its effects to remove accumulated fats in the body. It is completely natural. It has an ecological certificate that guarantees that it does not have traces of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

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    Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO

    Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO is a nutritional supplement whose main function is to help lose weight. This unique infusion is also known as Pu-Erh, is of Chinese origin and is famous for its aroma of moist soil and bark. To a large extent, this tea achieves its properties since it undergoes a double fermentation process that makes it different from other types of Tea.

    In essence, this infusion is responsible for cleansing and purifying the liver, making the metabolism of it to work more effectively. In this way, the accumulated lipids in the body are removed. A good news is that among the fatty acids it counteracts, LDL cholesterol is found, which is known to trigger serious cardiovascular and heart problems. To this is added that it also has diuretic properties, so it is perfect to remove excess fluids that also add an additional weight to the body. In addition, Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO is offered in comfortable sachets to put into boiling water, which facilitates its consumption and dosage. In addition, it has an ecological certificate that guarantees that its ingredients are 100% natural.

    Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO allows to have the fantastic properties of a tea originating in the old China. In its production a double process of fermentation is used, which obtains that when ingesting it obtains benefits in the hepatic operation. It is known that this unique infusion purifies the liver and makes it more effective when it comes to processing fats. For this reason, it is prevented that they accumulate in the body and generate both overweight and obesity. This process is especially incisive in the case of cholesterol, whose levels can be significantly reduced by ingesting Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO. It also happens that being overweight not only comes from excess fat, but also from liquids. To that effect, this drink has diuretic effects that also manage to remove excess water in the body. All this is achieved naturally, as this product has an OXO organic farming certificate.

    Facts of Red Tea Infusion from Artemis BIO

    • In the form of sachets for infusion
    • Helps reduce overweight
    • Activates the liver to process and removes fats
    • Helps counteract cholesterol
    • Diuretic effect to remove excess fluid
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • With OXO certificate
    • 100% natural

    The old red tea of Chinese origin is now fully available to the public. Ideal for losing weight naturally. Perfect for eliminating cholesterol. Certified organic farming.

    Recommended use: fill a cup or a glass with warm water (100ºC), punt a sachet in the container and wait for 5 minutes.

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