Green Tea Infusion from Artemis Bio is sold in sachet format to make infusion in hot water. This drink is widely praised for its health benefits. It is known to be an excellent antioxidant. Likewise, it achieves that the metabolism burns with efficiency lipids, reason why it helps to lose weight.

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    Green Tea Infusion from Artemis Bio, ideal for good health and considered as a powerful antioxidant.

    Green Tea Infusion from Artemis Bio is offered to the public in the form of sachets to be put in hot water and thus obtain an infusion. It is a convenient and practical way to obtain the benefits of this type of tea, which has as main benefit it is not subjected to oxidation processes during its preparation, since the leaves are collected fresh and after being subjected to drying, they are pressed, wrap and grind before drying.

    It is obtained from the popular Camellia Sinensis plant and is one of the most popular teas in the world. It is highly recommended for its various attributes for health. Perhaps, one of its most commented benefits is that it is a strong antioxidant, which is why it counteracts free radicals and allows to attenuate cellular degeneration. Likewise, it helps to lose weight, since it stimulates the metabolism of human beings to burn accumulated fat. All these benefits are obtained by consuming Green Tea Infusion from Artemis Bio, which is easy to use and is available at very affordable price for consumers in general.

    It is no secret to anyone that Green Tea has a large number of followers. In addition, it is a tea that can be taken both cold and hot. It has very good properties for health. First, it is widely used to lose weight. It also has great qualities to activate the metabolism of fat burning, making it easier to lose weight. It is also an excellent antioxidant, which keeps free radicals at bay. Undoubtedly, a great option to have a more stable health in all aspects. In addition, it is 100% natural, without artificial additives.

    Facts of Green Tea Infusion from Artemis Bio

    • Green tea sachets in comfortable format
    • Ideal for good health and considered as a powerful antioxidant
    • Combats free radicals
    • Helps you lose weight
    • Takes care of the cardiovascular health
    • Collaborates in the purification of the liver
    • 100% natural

    Now you can have all the benefits of Green Tea with this comfortable format. Magnificent option to have antioxidants, lose weight and take care of health in general. It is ideal for all those who want to lose accumulated fat as it is recommended by several nutritionists to help the metabolism to eliminate harmful toxins.

    Recommended use: fill a cup or glass with hot water (100ºC), put a sachet inside the container and wait for 5 minutes.

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