Energiza-T Infusion from Artemis Bio has been thought to have more energy and vitality in everyday activities. It is made of vegetables, its ingredients being fennel, thyme and green tea. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to improve both the physical performance, the attention capacity and even the mood.

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    Energiza-T Infusion from Artemis Bio

    Energiza-T Infusion from Artemis Bio is prepared to face the everyday routine with more vitality, energy and will to work. It is sold in sachet format to put in boiling water, thus releasing the flavor and properties of its components. By consuming this infusion, it is possible that the body recovers from fatigue and it improves the spirit. This is achieved thanks to its fantastic combination of ingredients, among which we can indicate: fennel, thyme and green tea.

    This triad of components is obtained naturally, without the use of herbicides or pesticides that can affect health negatively. The plants used in the manufacture of this product are recognized for their properties. For example, fennel is useful to avoid anemia and makes the digestive system better captures nutrients. Thyme is a source of high quality iron, which helps maintain high hemoglobin levels. Finally, green tea helps improve alertness and concentration as it is an excellent natural stimulant. The benefits of these three ingredients are added in this product, making people more active to deal with their daily activities.

    Sometimes people suffer from fatigue or general discouragement. This situation makes them not perform in the same way in their usual jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to have ways to cope with this situation. A great alternative is to consume Energiza-T Infusion from Artemis Bio, which has a combination of vegetable ingredients that allow to raise the vitality, mood and energy of the body in general. Its essential components are fennel, thyme and green tea. Each has very special properties. Fennel helps people get better nutrients from food. Thyme is a prime source of iron, keeps hemoglobin high and makes the blood much more oxygenated. For its part, green tea is an excellent stimulant that allows to improve the concentration and speeds up attention.

    Facts of Energiza-T Infusion from Artemis Bio

    • In comfortable sachet format for infusions.
    • Helps to have more energy and vitality.
    • Made of vegetables.
    • Ingredients: fennel, thyme and green tea.
    • 100% natural product.
    • Certified organic farming.
    • Free of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
    • Ideal for combining with daily diet.

    It is an ideal infusion to improve vitality and energy. Perfect also for a better mood. It can be consumed daily without any inconvenience.

    Recommended Use: fill a cup or a glass with warm water (100ºC), put a sachet in and wait for 5 minutes.

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