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Infusion Chai Black Tea - 20 sachets

Infusion Chai Black Tea from Artemis Bio is sold in the form of pyramid-shaped sachets. It is a great option to have the benefits of this infusion from India. It contains: Ceylon Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea, a touch of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger extracts, and flavored cloves. It significantly improves digestion.

    Infusion Chai Black Tea from Artemis Bio, ideal to improve digestion.

    Infusion Chai Black Tea from Artemis Bio is an excellent way to enjoy this infusion originating in India. Its ingredients have traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine, that is, in the most ancestral health treatments of Hindu culture. It contains a mixture of: Ceylon Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea, a touch of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger extracts, and flavored cloves. All its components are from organic farming, even possessing a European Union certificate that guarantees that it is a product of 100% pure, without traces of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

    There are many benefits of this drink, among which we can indicate that it is a powerful stimulant, on a par with coffee, although with many less side effects. It is very useful for digestion, relieves stomach pain, nausea and reduces flatulence. In addition, it happens that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. There is no doubt that it is one of the best options among the natural infusions available in the market. Therefore, you should not hesitate to consume it, being widely recommended for all people who want a more stable and calm health.

    This unique Tea is of Hindu origin. Widely used in ayurvedic medicine, that is, in the most popular curative treatments of the Indian culture. It is excellent for treating digestive problems, since it relieves colic, minimizes the sensation of nausea and is very useful to treat symptoms of flatulence. In addition, it helps to metabolize fats, which is why it helps remove them. It is an excellent companion, as well as a possible substitute for coffee, since it has stimulating qualities, but it is much less harmful than caffeine. To that effect, it is very useful to lead a more active daily life, achieving wonderful results. In addition, it has an ecological certificate that guarantees that all its ingredients are 100% natural. In this way, it is guaranteed that the body optimizes its functions without the need for chemical or artificial products that could cause side effects.

    Facts of Infusion Chai Black Tea from Artemis Bio

    • Traditional Chai Black Tea from India
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Significantly improves digestion
    • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
    • In convenient format of pyramid-shaped sachets
    • Supplement to the daily diet

    Thanks to this product you can enjoy the benefits of Chai Black Tea in a comfortable format. It is an excellent infusion, widely used in traditional Hindu medicine.

    Recommended use: in pyramid-shaped sachets, which are put in boiling water to release all their flavor and substances.

    Questions and answers
    ¿qué porcentaje de té tiene?
    2020-02-20 11:36:09 angeles
    hola te comento porcentajes y ingredientes del producto: -te negro de jiangxi 26% -te negro ceylan 25% -te negro de darjeeling 25% cardamomo,canela,jengibre,clavo
    2020-05-21 11:30:49 SALVA VALENCIA
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