Protein cottage cheese - 200g

Protein cottage cheese by Arla is a low fat product, which has a very versatile use. You can combine it if it is your preference with cakes, salads, taste it alone or with a homemade dressing. It is an ideal product to be added to your breakfasts, so you can start your daily routine with that extra energy that your body requires.

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With Protein cottage cheese by Arla you will not have to choose between healthy and delicious. In addition to its very pleasant texture to the palate and the exquisite taste of this product will make it an ideal complement to be added in various dishes

Protein cottage cheese by Arla Protein is used in various diets for its low fat content. As it is a food supplement derived from milk it also has an adequate amount of calcium and can be used to replace other dairy products such as yogurt or cream in desserts and as a low-calorie companion for salads.

At present, cheese is one of the most nutritious foods on the market. One of these products is Protein cottage cheese by Arla. Together with the nutritional components of milk, this product also contains probiotic components thanks to the fermentation process that it undergoes in its preparation.

Protein cottage cheese by Arla Protein aspect per 100 g

  • Provides an energy value of 350kJ / 80kcal
  • With 1.5 g of Fats, of which 1 g are saturated
  • It has 2.1 g of carbohydrates, of which 2.1 g are sugars
  • Contains 15 g of Proteins
  • It contains 0.8 g of salt
  • Without gluten

Protein cottage cheese Components and format

This product is presented in a 200 g container

Among its ingredients we can find the following:

  • Pasteurized milk and cream
  • Milk protein
  • Salt
  • Modified starch
  • Preservative: potassium sorbate
  • Lactic ferments
  • Allergens: Milk and dairy products

What can be achieved with Protein cottage cheese by Arla?

Like other dairy products, Arla High Cottage Cheese has a high calcium content, which is an important component for bone health. Being able to maintain optimal levels of this nutrient in the body can decrease your risk of bone degeneration related to age or osteoporosis.

Consuming dairy foods, such as this food supplement can facilitate weight loss, along with diet and exercise, the vast consumption of this High Cottage Cheese Protein Arla provides a solid basis for fat loss and increase of lean mass.

Thanks to this product, you will have the opportunity every day to give your family and guests a very delicious taste in your preparations, and thus grant an important contribution of protein necessary for the organism in each dish.

How do you take Protein cottage cheese by Arla Protein?

  • This food supplement should be kept cold, at a temperature of 2-5 ° C
  • Given the versatility of this product you can eat it alone or combine it with many of your favorite recipes

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