Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that cares and strengthens your joints, preventing injuries during workouts. It increases your physical performance, improving your circulation, cholesterol levels, nervous system and visual sharpness. Feel a better quality of life daily in each dose of this product.

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Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition. Protect yourself from cholesterol and fill yourself with energy with the best Omega 3.

Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition is the best omega 3 fatty acid, 100% omega 3, an essential fatty acid (EFA) found in the diet from sources of fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardine. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, since it can not be synthesized by the body and must be consumed through diet, ideal for you that you are an athlete and should be protected against cholesterol and arterial fats to be able to resist in all your daily exercise routines.

Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition is a nutritional component that contains a formula of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are necessary to give you all the energy and vitality to you and your body, oils obtained from the tissues of some fish and vegetables such as nuts and flaxseeds the main source for obtaining of omega 3. Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition was specially designed for athletes just like you who lead an athlete's lifetime, helping you fight cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition is 100% omega 3 oil, gives you positive effects, benefits your brain, gives you greater performance in demanding physical activities helping your heart to be healthier also contributes with visual sharpness and increased operation of the nervous system. Omega 3 oil in large dosages decreases the effects of depression and helps improve overall performance. Very accurate experiments and highly qualified by experts in nutrition have demonstrated that this product is very beneficial and effective in blood clotting giving athletes greater physical performance away from cardiovascular diseases ensuring a better response when doing exercise routines.

Facts of Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition

  • Promotes joint health
  • Improves heart performance and healthy brain function
  • Helps fight and effectively protects you from cholesterol
  • Prevents blood clotting in the arteries
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Contributes with the visual sharpness and the better operation of the nervous system

Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition as a dietary supplement effectively protects you from cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, helps you lead a very efficient life in your sports activities, is ideal for you that you are an athlete and want to keep your daily exercise routine aside, help your heart to have a better response and performance before, during and after having a whole day full of demanding physical activities. With Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition, protect yourself from cholesterol and fill your body with energy using the best Omega 3. Omega 3 from Applied Nutrition is recommended for anyone who wants to increase his daily intake of Omega 3, and are particularly ideal for any person who lacks fish in his diet.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, taking one (1) capsule with a glass of water is recommended for one to three capsules a day after each meal.

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