L-Glutamine 4K - 120 caps

L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that protects and strengthens your muscle mass, avoiding the effects of catabolism that can affect the growth of your muscles. Feel the energy in each of your routines with this 100% vegetable and gluten-free supplement.

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L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition. Enjoy rapid absorption and digestion to increase your strength and develop your muscles without any problem with catabolism.

L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition is found mainly in the muscles of the human body in almost 60% of the total free amino acids in skeletal muscles and more than 20 of the total circulating amino acids. Glutamine can be conditionally transformed at precise times introduced into intensive physical training in which the body can not simplify glutamine to suit its needs. Glutamine reinforces to preserve an exact nitrogen balance in the body and has a great anticatabolic action.

L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition is a vital amino acid for the protein system, fundamentally for the immune system and digestive system is profitable for the defense of the organism. L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition goes beyond accumulation in muscles, as it activates the synthesis of glycogen which allows for compensation after physical work to prevent the onset of muscle cramps. Glutamine is an amino acid with great ability to produce glucose and replenish muscle glycogen, is essential for the process of recovery and creation of muscle tissues, in addition to acting directly in the growth of these. It is also good for muscle recovery because of the function it has as a muscle pH balancer, it makes the recovery of the muscles faster and more effective, so to the muscles respond and develop properly during training.

L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition has on the body a series of purposes such as avoiding muscle catabolism when subjecting the muscles to intense exercise routines and cause great physical fatigue and muscle pain, on the other hand, it is interesting that this product is not only indispensable in the field of sports performance and recovery but also it has a main function in the immune system in the field of infection and in the digestive system.

Fats of L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition

  • Contains no gluten.
  • 100% vegetable.
  • It has a rapid absorption and disintegration.
  • The most abundant amino acid in the body.
  • Prevents muscle catabolism that could occur when you exercise intensely.
  • Helps have a better sports performance.
  • Helps create and recover muscle tissues.
  • Protects the immune system against infections.
  • Provides energy as a brain detoxifier.
  • Reinforces fight night catabolism.
  • Helps build muscles.

L-Glutamine 4K from Applied Nutrition is used to magnify strength, increase muscle size by avoiding breakage of muscle tissues when performing intense workouts. This supplement is essential for fighting night catabolism. L-Glutamine provides the muscles with endurance so these don't give up easily because it retains nitrogen, which lowers glycogen and protein, also supports the brain by providing energy as a purifier.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule before training and another after training.

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