Iso-XP from Applied Nutrition is a nutritional powder, rich in protein isolated from whey and essential and non-essential amino acids. It is free of fat, gluten, carbohydrates and soy. Its enriched formula is ideal for after sports training and protects your muscles from catabolism.

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Iso-XP 100% Whey Protein Isolate from Applied Nutrition is the purest ISO protein you've ever tasted, with the best flavors which is perfect for your taste.

Iso-XP from Applied Nutrition is a high quality protein isolate of 100% pure whey, with no carbohydrate, no fats, no gluten. Its composition comes from a clean and high quality protein with high levels of amino acids that enrich and help the synthesis of this. Each serving, it delivers a potential energy and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Iso-XP from Applied Nutrition is made with isolated whey protein of high biological value, which means that it is the purest and cleanest protein you can get and its benefits are: to consume a lactose-free filtered protein, and without fats and carbohydrates. It provides all essential amino acids and a large number of non-essential amino acids. A number to take into account is the amount of amino acids it has, being by far, some of the best clean proteins currently. Isolated whey protein helps build muscle, by having a high quality amino acid content minimizes muscle wasting, increases protein synthesis, maintains a positive nitrogen balance and this is vital to generate muscle hypertrophy.

Iso-XP from Applied Nutrition contains the instant-acting BCAAs, which are rapidly absorbed by the body, which not only increase and maintain muscle mass, but also recover it in the moment after doing the most intense physical exercises during your training hours. Its easy mixing causes rapid absorption, protecting your muscles from any swelling. Its high content in the amino acid Leucine, increases the synthesis of protein, more than with any other source, this helps to strengthen muscle mass.

Facts of Iso-XP 100% Whey Protein Isolate from Applied Nutrition

  • The purest whey protein isolate of the highest quality
  • Loaded with essential amino acids and large numbers of non-essential
  • Large number of BCAAs per serving
  • Filtered protein, with lactose removed
  • No fats, no carbohydrates, no soy, and no gluten
  • Supplement with high biological value that serves for post-training
  • Prevents the state of catabolism

Iso-XP from Applied Nutrition complete your daily exercises and on the days of not training with the most sophisticated ISO protein today. Iso-XP, only delivers high quality protein, and is superbly filtered, making your workout the best possible. Its high content of glutamine helps improve the immune system, to increase muscle recovery after training. It also avoids abdominal fat and go into a catabolic state.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 25 g (1 ladle of powder) with 250 ml of water or skim milk. Taking 1-3 servings a day, depends on your protein demand.

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