Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition is a bottle with a large capacity of 1.89 liters ideal for transporting water or isotonic drinks to any place without having to worry about filling it again during the rest of the day, made with very resistant plastic alloys and anti-spill screw cap.

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Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition, excellent bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition is an excellent sports accessory ideal for all those people who seek to stay hydrated throughout the day and do not have access to a constant source of water, thanks to its large capacity of 1.89 liters, which ensures at least one glass of water each 30 minutes. It is constructed of highly resistant plastic which will ensure durability in any environment that is used, in addition, with a built-in handle which makes very easy its transport and use, offering an ergonomic and firm grip. It has a screw cap secured to the body of the bottle by means of a synthetic band of high resistance, which will ensure that you will not lose sight of the cap at any time and there will be no accidental spills.

Hydration is an important part of the diet of anyone who wants to stay healthy as well as those who lead a physically active life. However many times due to work or lack of time, you can not instantly access a source of fresh water to hydrate the body. That is why Applied Nutrition, brand dedicated to supplementation and sports accessories presents its new bottle for training Critical Jug, excellent plastic thermos with a capacity of 1.89 liters ideal for all those who wish to have fresh water or any other hydrating beverage at hand and in sufficient quantity. With a built-in handle and an anti-spill screw cap, Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition can carry water or moisturizing liquids wherever you go. Ideal for athletes, sportsmen or anyone who requires constant hydration during workouts and intense physical exercises.

Facts of Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition

  • Solid construction in high durability plastic
  • Rugged and easy to carry thanks to its built-in handle
  • Threaded cap attached to the bottle to prevent spillage and loss of the cap
  • 1.89 liters capacity to keep you hydrated all day
  • Lightweight design for comfort

By using Training Bottle Critical Jug from Applied Nutrition you can keep your body hydrated whenever and wherever you want thanks to its large capacity, allowing to transport almost two liters of liquid safely and practically, so the bottle is no longer an excuse to stop your continuous hydration.

Recommended Use: Sport bottle ideal for transporting water, isotonic drinks or juices, not to be used as a stirring vessel. Suitable for use in dishwashers, it can be used with cold or hot liquids.

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