BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that accelerates your muscle recovery and reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness at the end of the day, keeping you always active for your routines. Replace all the electrolytes in your body with this easy-to-prepare product that hydrates you.

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BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition: the sports nutritional complex to build, sustain and recover muscle tissue, hydrating the body and replacing electrolytes.

BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition is a sports nutritional supplement based on a branched amino acids (BCAAs) formula, enriched with Glutamine and Vitamin B6. Its consumption before the physical training, helps to a great extent to avoid the muscular degradation and we will increase the performance; On the other hand its consumption after training or just before bed improves the muscle recovery during rest, as it helps the muscles to absorb the amino acids necessary for its regeneration in the shortest time possible. It is an ideal product for people who perform moderate or strong physical activity, because it provides the amino acids that the body, and especially the muscles, demand to meet its needs and which are not obtained through a common diet.

BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition contains vitamins and glutamine which intervene in different body functions, for that reason, it provides a great contribution to the nutrition. It increase muscle mass, enhances muscle building and prevents muscle breakdown. It increases energy, stimulating the formation of energy reserves in the body, which is very beneficial for athletes. It helps to deal with stress, since it allows a better and faster recovery, prevents malabsorption of nutrients, maintains and promotes the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, improves defenses, and reduces joint inflammation and pain.

BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition is completely sugar-free, a drink that boosts muscle training and recovery. Ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, boxers and in general, athletes who must increase their performance during each workout. It is designed to provide muscles with perfect amounts of BCAAs, to maximize the duration and intensity of workouts, while flooding the body with a perfect blend of rehydration, electrolytes and salts. Made with the most modern and sophisticated nutritional technology, each batch of this product has undergone rigorous testing in an accredited laboratory to provide the highest level of safety that is safer for athletes to use.

Facts of BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition

  • Strengthens the synthesis of muscle proteins.
  • Increases performance and energy in workouts.
  • Replenishes electrolytes and hydrates the organism.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery and reduces fatigue.
  • Reduces muscle breakdown.
  • Helps maintain good physical and mental health.

BCAA Amino Hydrate from Applied Nutrition is the amino acid-rich supplement that will increase your muscle growth and performance during training and provide you with a quick recovery during rest. Ideal for those athletes who want to be more efficient without affecting or compromising their health.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, dilute 15 grams of the product in 200-300ml of water. Consume preferably during exercise on training days, and at any time on rest days.

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