Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is a hard-wearing sport hand towel that has been manufactured by Animal, with the special objective that you can dry sweat or excess water from your body, without detracting from performance. This product is very convenient, since it absorbs and dries fast. In addition, it offers a pleasant, fresh and very soft sensation. Size 48 cm x 26 cm.

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    Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is the piece of cloth you need to take to the gym. It absorbs humidity very well, it is ultra-soft, lightweight, and of comfortable size.

    Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is a new product from the Animal brand that offers you the benefit of absorbing dampness from your body, with great absorption and drying, whether you use it to remove sweat after exercise or after having a shower. In addition, it is made of cotton and strong microfiber, so its texture is soft and light on the skin.

    Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is a personal hygiene piece of cloth that should not be absent in your day to day, as it is the best towel to absorb very well every particle of dampness that remains accumulated on your body. It does not matter if it is sweat or water, this towel absorbs any of them very well, thus leaving a sensation of dryness, freshness and comfort.

    In fact, Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal has been designed with the best materials, such as cotton and microfiber, which are strong enough to resist different temperatures, constant dampness or stretching, this being extremely ideal for ensure an excellent use and also a very incredible quality.

    With these characteristics, the comfortable Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is highly adaptable to the needs of sportspeople or fitness enthusiasts who require good hygiene accessories to use during competitions or intense trainings. In addition, this towel can be used as a bath towel, as it can be very comfortable and useful to dry the body after the shower, when leaving a pool or beach.

    The goal of the great Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is definitely to offer comfort and practicality. Moreover, it is very lightweight and has a convenient size, so that it can be taken anywhere, be it, in a large or small sporty backpack. It also has a modern, simple design with an attractive color, to fit the tastes of both women and men.

    Facts of Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal:

    • Size of the hand towel 48 cm x 26 cm.
    • Made of cotton and microfiber.
    • Absorbs dampness, sweat and excess water on the body.
    • Soft, light, and takes up little space.
    • Leaves a pleasant, dry and fresh feeling.
    • Easy to wash.
    • With an attractive and beautiful unisex design.
    • Ideal for sports or daily use.
    • Very resistant to temperatures, stretching and dampness.

    Keeping your dry during the practice of exercises is very important to have a good performance. For that reason, you should start going to the gym with towel, since it has the perfect properties for you to obtain good results.

    Recommended use: use to remove sweat or water from your body, after training, during training or after taking a shower.

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