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Glucomag 70/30 - 10x30ml

Food supplement indicated for athletes who suffer from sugar loss and muscle wear. Glucomag is a product that seeks to help and improve energy recovery as well as avoiding major problems during exercise. It improves muscle recovery and inputs the minerals included in its formula.

    Glucomag 70/30, Improve your performance and reduce your fatigue!

    Glucomag 70/30, a sports supplement with minerals that will make your sports performance a marvel. Energy in a short time!

    With Glucomag 70/30 get energy and strength of the highest quality! The food supplement that will fill you with more than 100% energy! When the diet is not enough! That's where Glucomag 70/30 comes into action! A sports supplement based on maltodextrin, fructose, magnesium and potassium, components that will provide you with the energy you are looking for! Maltodextrin and fructose are sugars, so you do not have to worry about those strange names. One is a mixture of sugar polymers that are metabolized very quickly by the body, generating an exponential increase in insulin levels, and the other is simple honey sugar, maltodextrin and fructose respectively.

    The 30% of the fructose that Glucomag 70/30 gives you is an extra of energy in a 2:1 ratio that will make it quite difficult for you to get tired during your practices. Therefore its name! 70% maltodextrin and 30% fructose! Energy without limits! In addition, AML Sport has included in Glucomag 70/30 essential minerals, potassium and magnesium. The most effective way to obtain energy is to take it from the source. Potassium and magnesium are involved in even more than 300 metabolic processes, including muscle recovery and energy, so Glucomag 70/30 will also help you recover from those cramps, spasms and discomfort that you may suffer while exercising. Yes, you can forget about those annoying problems!

    Glucomag 70/30 is designed for all those athletes who during their activities feel that devastating fatigue that does not allow them to continue, the biggest enemy for any sport. But with this increase in energy you can train and do your activities for a longer time, because Glucomag 70/30 will fill you with energy in a short time thanks to maltodextrin and its accelerated metabolization, so that in a short time you will be full of energy and strength. The potassium and magnesium included in the components of Glucomag 70/30 will help you in the operation of your neuromuscular apparatus, so in addition to giving you energy you will get that extra strength you need so much.

    Facts of Glucomag 70/30

    • Contributes to the functioning of the neuromuscular apparatus.
    • Rapid metabolization.
    • Reduces fatigue.
    • Increases endurance.
    • Accelerates recovery and prevents cramps and spasms.
    • Boosts energy levels.

    ¡With Glucomag 70/30 you can have the energy boost you need in a short time! The energy source for athletes par excellence awaits you!

    Recommended use: as a food supplement. Take one (1) drinkable packet (30ml) either during and/or after having physical activity. Each packet gives you 50% magnesium VRN. Glucomag 70/30 is designed for medium or long duration athletes who suffer from loss of sugar and have a muscle wear that prevents them from training at ease.

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