AMLSport is the sports range from the prestigious brand of nutritional supplements Ana Maria Lajusticia, a Spaniard born in Bilbao in 1924 who has dedicated her life to the study of biochemistry and nutrition.


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This expert, graduated in chemistry from the University of Madrid, has published numerous articles on the subject in professional journals and has written books on nutrition that have helped thousands of people improve their health, quality of life and athletic performance.

The brand by Ana Maria Lajusticia aims to help athletes to prevent physical wear and tear before intense exercise and damage to health that involves a poor nutrition combined with maximum effort. The expert has found over the years that many young people suffer from pain and suffer health problems because of a nutritional imbalance.

AMLSport offers a line of high quality products developed based on the latest advances in the field of nutrition and biochemistry, whose main objective is to help athletes improve their performance by keeping their health in optimum conditions, protecting bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and muscles in day-to-day practice, especially in high-performance athletes who work out very intensely.

This prevention combined with a diet of high nutritional value can increase performance and improve it in the short, medium and long term, avoiding the risks of a very active life without an adequate nutrition.

Based on the experience of Ana Maria Lajusticia and in her studies in dietetics, biochemistry and molecular biology, AML's line of nutritional products offers real results, beyond the level of sport or discipline developed by each athlete in particular.

AMLSport is the mark by one of the most recognized specialists in the market, who has written numerous books on nutrition and health topics, such as "Balanced diet in modern life", "Diets à la carte", "Magnesium in Sports", "Answering Your Questions About Magnesium", "Magnesium, Key to Health," "The Answer is in Collagen," "Overcoming Osteoporosis," "Osteoarthritis and its Solution," and "Cholesterol: Triglycerides and their Control ".

Ana María Lajusticia's books are available free of charge for all those who wish to obtain all the information necessary to know the most suitable nutritional supplements to support sports performance, to have a healthy diet and to strengthen health, as well as to choose the best nutritional product according to their needs.