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ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series is a food supplement specially designed to strengthen and rebuild your intestinal flora, which has an important function by protecting the health of your body. It contains 10 strains of beneficial bacteria, along with 30 billion units intended to create colonies that keep the balance of this important part of our internal system.

    ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series gives balance back to your body. It helps to ease quickly any discomfort such as swelling, slow stomach transit or any other problem that may cause you end up having a bad day. You will feel very good immediately!

    ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series is an excellent food supplement that will ease any intestinal discomfort that may ruin your day and become a delicate health problem in the future.

    These capsules promote the intestinal flora (harmless microorganisms [as escherichia coli] that inhabit the intestinal tract and are essential for its normal functioning), especially, the colon. They contain bacteria and lactobacillus beneficial to the balance of said system. It provides around 30 billion units that create colonies in said internal system in order to improve your health. Don't allow discomfort affecting your digestive system to be prolonged for an indeterminate span of time. This supplement will you immediately give you back the well-being you need. It will contribute excellent benefits that in turn will supplement a balanced diet.

    Intestinal flora plays an important role in the maintenance of a good state of health. It has beneficial bacilli that protect us from many alterations and physical problems. It protects your organisms from many harmful microorganisms, makes possible intestinal transit, and absorbs B vitamins, vitamin K and amino acids. ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series easily rebuilds friendly microorganisms for keeping the barrier that protects your most basic stability. This also includes the harmony of the colon which maintains hydration and balance the internal nutrition. It is one of the best products for its rebuilding along with a diet rich in fiber.

    There are many reasons that you would lead you to consume a dose of ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series. It is possible that experience some very annoying alterations such as bloating or a slow or too fast intestinal transit. It can be produced by the intake of some antibiotics, incidence of stress, lack of exercise and consequences of consuming fatty food. In these cases, it is suitable to consume vegetables and food rich in fiber in order to reverse this. But even much better is to resort to this supplement which rebuilds the intestinal flora and allows it to operate even better than before.

    Facts of ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series

    • Provides the organism with healthy microorganisms.
    • Contains units intended for creating beneficial colonies in the intestines.
    • Relieves intestinal problems.
    • Improves the digestive tract.
    • Easy to consume thanks to its format: vegetable capsules.

    ProbioHD from Amix Pro Series is a food supplement that will rebuild your intestinal flora. You won't have to suffer discomfort that only get you bloated and drain your energy. This product will give your organism back its normal balance and will allow you to experience a deep sense of well-being. These vegetable capsules are easy to consume, and you can take them at home or at your workplace.

    Recommended use: consume a tablet a day, in a main meal.

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