This product is a supplement of purified free essential amino acids and also combines them with a peptide complex. M.A.P is a high quality supplement specially designed for athletes and fitness lovers whose training routines make them suffer from muscle wear in order to contribute to their muscle recovery. Ideal to improve your results.

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M.A.P Muscle Amino Power from AmiXpro® Series: the best for the development of your muscles.

M.A.P is a great food supplement that is specially formulated with essential amino acids, highly purified, free and crystalline, designed so that the body can absorb it faster and intended for high performance athletes who need the best to take care of their muscles after a long routine of training. In addition to this combination, peptides are added to the complex. It is very easy to include into any type of routine.

Every dose of this supplement provides 14,700 grams of amino acids. With the necessary portions to contribute to muscle development and combat fatigue, this innovative formula is carefully balanced, so that it is absorbed by the body in the most optimal way, and thus take advantage of all the benefits that it offers. Its formula combines BCAAs with an extra of leucine, recognized for being part of the favorite supplements of every athlete, as they are essential for muscle maintenance and development, for the formation of tissues and cells.

It also important to mention that it contains tryptophan among its components, an amino acid capable of helping the body to prevent insomnia and thus fall asleep as a baby, also contributes to improve mood and reduce anxiety. In addition, it contains L-valine, which contributes to the formation of tissues and is of utmost importance for muscle metabolism. M.A.P has everything necessary to contribute to the development of healthier muscles and to enjoy benefits for the overall health.

It does not contain fats or sugars, which makes it ideal to implement in diets designed to increase muscle mass, but it also improves strength and endurance. Moreover, it is ideal for diets aimed at losing weight, and along with a suitable exercise routine, helps burn fat to have the figure you want.

Facts of M.A.P

  • Contribution of essential amino acids without fat or sugar.
  • Amino acids easy to absorb.
  • Improves protein synthesis.
  • Maintains muscle mass.
  • Contributes to maintain strength.
  • Improvement of muscle recovery.

Amix Pro combines the best raw material to present sports supplements of the highest quality and safety, of which, M.A.P is a shining example, as it is an ideal protein supplement not only for athletes but for healthy people who want to add an extra of protein and amino acids to their diet. Its presentation in tablets makes this task much easier. Get increased muscle mass and ensure its maintenance, while obtaining an extra of strength for every workout and thus you will achieve all the sporting goals that you set out.

Recommended use: as a food supplement, for people up to 80 kg of body weight, consume one (1) dose (5 g) 30 minutes before exercise. People with a body weight between 80 kg and 100 kg, take two (2) doses (10 g) before any type of physical activity. People with a body weight greater than 100 kg take two (2) doses (10 g) before any physical activity and then take one (1) dose (5 g) two hours after exercise. Take with plenty of water.

Opiniones de M.A.P Muscle Amino Power - 300 g

Pedro SÁEZ soriano 2019-08-05 23:49:01
Se puede tomar con bcaa y glutamina a la vez
Beltran 2019-08-06 10:06:21
Hola sí se puede combinar no hay problema.Un saludo
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Angel Gómis 2019-08-04 19:25:09
Hola , lo puedo combinar con mi batido de proteínas ? Cuando sería mejor Antes de entrenar o después ? Muchas gracias y saludos
Beltran 2019-08-05 10:28:32
Hola este producto lo tomaría intra entreno en 500ml de agua se lo bebe durante su entrenamiento. Post entrenamiento su batido de proteína.Un saludo
Añadir Respuesta
Raul G 2019-07-10 20:44:34
Hola, este producto se puede mezclar en un mismo shaker con Myocell sin interferir los efectos entre ellos? Gracias
Joel 2019-07-11 10:06:55
Hola Raul! Lo podrías combinar sin ningún problema! Un saludo!
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