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Glycodex Pure - 1 kg

AMIX- €3.99= ¡€35.91!

Glycodex Pure from Amix Pro Series is a magnificent nutritional supplement, created based on carbohydrates, which has been designed especially for high performance athletes, such as those who practice extreme, strength, power, water sports, among many others, who want to train for longer and reduce the muscle fatigue during the physical activity.

    Delay the onset of muscle fatigue and enjoy a long-term training by incorporating the amazing Glycodex Pure from Amix Pro Series into your diet.

    Amix Pro presenta Glycodex Pure is a nutritional supplement formulated based on Gluster Dextrin (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin).

    They are carbohydrates very famous in sports nutrition because they are obtained by using an exclusive process that is responsible for redesigning the molecular structure of starch to convert it into a carbohydrate of higher nutritional value, providing the body with an incomparable contribution of energy, so it turns out to be the supplement ideal for any athlete that takes highly demanding exercises or practices prolonged trainings.

    Carbohydrates help to repair muscle tissues that may have received damage during an intense or long training, delaying in this way the onset of muscle fatigue caused by the consumption of the reserves of glycogen present in the skeletal muscles. It is for this reason that Amix Pro Series brings especially for you Glycodex Pure, the best sport supplement based on carbohydrates, which you can take in order to extend your training routines, improve recovery between sets and replenish the reserves of glycogen effectively after an intense training.

    The cyclodextrin present in Gluster Dextrin is the main component of Glycodex Pure from Amix Pro Series, causes a quick gastric emptying, which means, that it will not be too long in the stomach, reducing completely the possibility of suffering from any stomach problem in a competition or during the completion of a high performance training routine, plus it is of fast absorption and the organism can assimilate it easily, thus achieving very effectively the obtaining of energy necessary for optimum performance in the practice of physical activities.

    Facts of Glycodex Pure from Amix Pro Series

    • Created for athletes who take intense or prolonged exercises.
    • Great source of carbohydrates.
    • Does not alter the blood sugar level.
    • Has important dietary benefits.
    • Easily assimilated by the organism.
    • Helps to improve the physical endurance.
    • Delays the onset of muscle fatigue.
    • Does not contain spices, fat or artificial flavorings.
    • Promotes the increase of lean muscle mass.
    • Supports the muscle recovery after an intense training routine.
    • Helps to fortify the reserves of glycogen in the muscles.

    Glycodex Pure from Amix Pro Series is the nutritional supplement you are looking for if you want to have optimum and long training routines or improve your performance in each competition, providing you with the amount of carbohydrates your body needs to replenish your energy levels efficiently and at the same time to help have a quick muscle reconstruction, decreasing the feeling of fatigue after training or competition.

    Recommended use: as a supplement to a nutritious diet, take a serving (30 g) dissolved in 250 ml of water or the drink you prefer. It can be consumed before, during or after training.

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