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Glycodex PRO - 1,5 kg

AMIX- €4.95= ¡€44.55!

This is a supplement made for those athletes who want to gain lean muscle mass without gaining fat, plus it has unique qualities that others supplements do not offer, due to the components that AmixPro has used in this product. With this supplement you can also obtain more energy and endurance.

    GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series, gain muscle mass without gaining fat.

    GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series is a supplement intended to gain muscle mass without gaining fat, so that you can gain lean muscle mass in a cleaner and more efficient way. This wonderful supplement is made based on Cluster Dextrin, which is a highly branched protein, additionally, it contains hydrolyzed waxy corn starch and, to top it off, it has energy boosters such has NOP-47 and PepForm Matrix 1:1.

    There is no supplement more complete and more efficient than GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series, as it is ideal for professional athletes or people wanting to improve their physique both functional and esthetically. This supplement provides huge benefits in a quick way, being the first on the extra energy that this product is capable to offer to the body, that due to the energy boosters that only this supplement contains, the second benefit that becomes noticeable is the increase in endurance and muscle recovery.

    Those benefits come hand in hand as the supplement improves the muscle recovery and once a muscle has recovered, it gains endurance, the next remarkable benefit would be the great gain of muscle mass without gaining fat, so the muscle mass is increased in a cleaner and more efficient way.

    In addition to all that, GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series has a very short time of digestion, which accompanied with a great solubility allows this supplement to be assimilated in a much faster way than the ones offered by competitors. Moreover, this product also provides the body with glycogen, which is a completely natural substance that gives provides energy very quickly, therefore it is ideal for athletes which are dedicated to disciplines that demand explosive strength and the same time need to keep the levels of body fat very low.

    The brand AmiXpro tries hard to offer quality products like no competitor can. In order to achieve such high degree of quality, strict controls are implemented, which also ensure that every product is value for money, but that it is also possible thanks to the multi-disciplinary professional team behind the making of this product. It is certain that there is no other product like this on the market. This container offers 50 doses of this amazing supplement, so there is no doubt that it is ideal for everyone. The dose to be consumed is 30 grams of supplement per 250 milliliters of water.

    Facts of GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series

    • Boosts the level of energy.
    • Increases the endurance.
    • Optimizes the recovery.
    • Boosts the explosive strength.
    • Promotes the gain of muscle mass.
    • Fat in not gained.

    This supplement is ideal for all kinds of sports, if you want to gain muscle mass without gaining fat, then GlycodeX PRO from AmiXpro® Series is waiting for you … to make you gain lean muscle mass as you have never imagined!

    Recommended use: mix a dose of 30 g with 250 ml of water. Drink before, during or after training.

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