CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® Series is an excellent pre-workout supplement in liquid format, with a complete composition of ingredients that really work. Increase your strength and capacity for muscle pumps by consuming this product that comes in a comfortable container, which makes it easy to take it anywhere you exercise.

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    CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® Series is an effective and very delicious supplement, which effectively increases your strength and muscle pumps during your workouts. Easy to carry and available in delicious flavors! Everything you need in this practical drink!

    CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® is a liquid supplement to take before training, but it is also a pleasure to drink. Strengthen your body with a product that provides everything it really needs. It is composed of glycerol and silica in a patented formula as GlyceroMax®.

    It also contains beta-alanine, taurine, caffeine, vitamin B6 and C, arginine hydrochloride and glucuronolactone. These components are responsible for increasing and preserving the level of energy in the body, and help you to have a full recovery. Avoid other products that actually have many filling ingredients. Improve your performance in every exercise session, obtaining all the benefits for your body and its health.

    All demanding training use up the nutrients stored in the body. In a short time, it consumes carbohydrates and also proteins. Therefore, it is necessary to take supplements that ensures the supply of energy, so that you can continue training for a little more. If taking several supplements is not your thing, then you will be comfortable with the simplicity of CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro®. This liquid product has complete ingredients that are prepared to be consumed with ease. It is contained in practical individual bottles, which facilitate its consumption at any time and in any place. The amount of product is more than enough to increase your vitality and improve your muscle pumps.

    A workout is really efficient when you can raise the intensity and, at the same time, restore the energy level as soon as possible. For this reason, it is vital to consume a full range of vitamins, minerals and proteins. But since this is sometimes not enough, the supplement CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® was created to provide your body with everything its needs to boost the level of energy and improve exercise performance. If you lead a busy lifestyle, something as simple as taking sports supplements might be complicated. For such a case, it will be enough to consume one of bottles, which will fill your body with all the nutrients necessary for recovering your strength.

    Facts of CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® Series:

    • Liquid supplement to drink before starting an exercise session.
    • Contains ingredients that boost your strength.
    • Improves the muscle pump.
    • Delicious and very pleasant taste.
    • In bottle, which makes it easy to drink.

    CellUp Energy Shot from AmiXpro® Series is an easy-to-drink liquid sports supplement. When you drink it, your body receives all the nutrients you need to train and give your best to get fit. Give a full boost to your vitality and muscle pumps.

    Recommended use: drink a bottle (containing 60 ml) about 30 minutes before exercising. It is advisable to drink plenty of water.

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