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asesoramiento raul carrasco

Asesoramiento Raul Carrasco

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El Asesoramiento Raul Carrasco aporta una guía personalizada profesional de este destacado atleta IFBB, nacido en Sevilla. Raul Carrasco está reconocido como el mejor Entrenador Nacional en España y te ayuda con todos los conocimiento adquiridos en nutrición deportiva y suplementos como así también en rutinas de entrenamiento para lograr los mejores resultados.

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Raul Carrasco advice is the best guide you can get to create your body.

What does Raul Carrasco advice consist of?

Raul Carrasco himself has designed this system to meet the particular needs of each customer, according to their goals, in a personal and individualized manner.

It includes a complete and personalized advice for each client that includes a training table along with a brief explanation of the exercises that make up the training, a diet customized and adjusted to the morphotype and to the own needs of each client and, in order to facilitate monitoring of the results, it will include a tracking template so you can observe the evolution achieved each month. The client will have 100% customized sports advice. 

This service has been structured after a long period of study, so that customers can see their objectives fulfilled effectively and in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, its low cost, as a result of the agreement between the athlete Raul Carrasco and, exclusively, makes this service a feasible and quality choice for all types of athletes and sportspeople.

How does the advice work?

Once you have purchased and paid Raul Carrasco Advice, will transmit your phone number and email to Raul Carrasco so that, in a maximum period of 48/72 working hours, Raul Carrasco can call you to make a personalized study your needs. And once obtained all the necessary information, he will send you, via email, your personalized plan.

Who is Raul Carrasco?

Raul Carrasco is an acclaimed IFBB Pro athlete, born in Seville and recognized worldwide as a bodybuilder and trainer.

Inside Raul Carrasco Advice, you will find all the information and experience to achieve effective workouts and also the most effective way to use sports supplements according to the parameters established in sports nutrition.

Raul Carrasco is the youngest IFBB PRO in the history of Spain and was also recognized as the best national trainer.

In 2015, Raul Carrasco appeared at the Tampa PRO in Florida, USA. This spectacular festival of world bodybuilding is organized by Tim Gardner, and  MASmusculo Team was there, as well as the best Spanish IFBB PRO Raul Carrasco, after a successful debut in the circuit in 2008.

Raul Carrasco advice is created and designed by Raul Carrasco, a professional athlete competing at the highest level, who is currently 34 years old and was born in Seville, where his passion for dumbbells started at 14 years. Raul tells us that he has had to make a considerable effort to make a living, between his diet and the monthly fees in the gym, but then could move forward with a job as a beer delivery man, and of course with his dedication to create muscle mass and the firm objective to be Spain's number one in regards to bodybuilding. Over the years and with the efforts made, his dream in the world of bodybuilding came true. He is now a recognized professional sportsman worldwide who, together with MASmusculo, shares his progress as an athlete and as a professor outstanding in his field.

Raul Carrasco Advice is mainly based on the experience gained in the media, on the contact seminars created, on the round tables with professionals, on our Youtube Channel carried out by Sandra Guerrero, and on Professional Connection that was the precursor to sports advice to customers, as well as on the online courses that are already popular throughout Hispanic America.

  • 05/11/2016

Estoy muy contento y gratamente sorprendido porque el propio Raul Carrasco me llamo por teléfono sin duda repetiré.

    From jose 2016-09-18 10:53:46
    Hola Raul....osea q el asesoramiento seria hasta llegar a tu objetivo da igual si estas 3-6-8 meses...
    Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team) 2016-09-20 13:13:10
    hola jose, dependiendo del sujeto el objetivo puede llegar en 1 mes o 3 meses, normalmente 5 meses es un tiempo máximo, tanto para alcanzar una maxima hipertrofia como una maxima definición, piensa que por el pago de la oferta que ofrece masmusculo de 199€, tendrías 1 mes de asesoramiento conmigo, también recuerda que el primer contacto lo tendrás en directo conmigo telefónicamente.
    From Ana 2016-08-15 14:31:31
    Por cuanto tiempo es el asesoramiento?
    Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team) 2016-08-17 12:23:05
    hola Ana, el asesoramiento no cuenta por tiempo o días, pero desde que yo te envie el programa personalizado tenemos de 48 a 72h para resolver dudas y demas, recuerda que es un asesoramiento directo conmigo en el que el primer contacto es telefónico, yo te llamaría personalmente para que compruebes que el programa de dieta, entreno y suplementacion, es serio y profesional, nada de copia y pega!!!, un saludo.
    From Miguel 2016-02-22 17:15:38
    Hola raul tengo una pregunta para usted, el asesoramiento que es para un mes o cuanto tiempo es? Un saludo
    Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team) 2016-02-23 11:49:23
    hola miguel, te ofrezco un asesoramiento directamente conmigo a través de mail, tendrías que rellenarme un cuestionario para estudiar tu metabolismo y objetivos, una vez te envié, dispondrás de 48h para consultarme dudas.
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