AmiXpro® series

AmixPro Series is a new line by Amix™ Nutrition, a company based in Manchester, UK, dedicated to the development of premium quality nutritional supplements.


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This renowned brand has a long list of exclusive patented products and incorporates in this new line advanced formulas developed according to the latest advances in science.

Amix™ is recognized for manufacturing high performance sports supplements for Europe and international markets. It is a respected producer in the industry that has maintained high quality standards, thanks to its modern facilities, its investment in development, as well as its manufacturing processes and logistics.

AmixPro Series includes some of the most revolutionary products currently in the field of sports supplementation, such as TestoFUEL®, IsoHD® 90 CFM Protein, HepaCor® Protector, LipiDrol®, MicelleHD® and Sustamine®.

TestoFUEL® is a revolutionary formula that naturally boosts testosterone levels. IsoHD® 90 CFM Protein is a premium protein with delicious flavors. HepaCor® Protector is a liver cleanser that supports digestion and health. LipiDrol® is an advanced lipotropic fat burner that includes an advanced form of choline and VitaCholine™.

MAP® Muscular Amino Power is a unique combination of essential amino acids in a highly purified formula. Sustamine® ™ is an exclusive and innovative formula that increases energy and recovery while supporting performance and growth. BCAA + Synchro Sustamine® provides Sustamine® with optimal proportions of branched BCAAs.

AmixPro Series offers various products formulated to deliver the nutrients the athlete needs in optimal, regulated and widely investigated doses.

MicelleHD® Casein is a formula that provides slow release proteins in super large molecules, much more effective than traditional casein.

Big Milk Amino is an ultrafiltrated Premium Quality Ultra Filtered Whey Isolate, Night Micelas Amino is a revolutionary anti-catabolic supplement ideal for use at night and Amino Whey Gold is a combination of whey amino acids in tablets.

Other products by the new Amix™ line are NA-R-ALA, pure R-alpha lipoic acid, EnzyGEN, the capsule supplement that supports digestive health and GPLC the nitric oxide formula that boosts pumping and vascularization.

Amix ™ offers a complete quality guarantee for its new line of supplements for athletes and sportspeople, lovers of fitness, bodybuilding and well-being. Once again, the new incorporated formulas have a highly competitive price and an unbeatable price-quality ratio.