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ZeroPro Protein - 1 kg

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ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition is an isolated whey protein of high purity and effectiveness. It has been prepared using the best raw materials available to ensure the best result during training. Get greater muscle power, unparalleled development along with optimized recovery and performance. It contains a very low level of saturated fats.

    ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition is the ingredient you need to gain muscle mass and have superior performance. Do not miss this pure and high-quality protein. Buy it now!

    ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition is an isolated whey protein of high purity, made using advanced processes designed to boost the development and power of your muscles. It has been made of high-quality raw materials, which have resulted in an effective supplement, low in saturated fats and lactose.

    What are the features of ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition?

    • Has been obtained through advanced microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes.
    • Promotes high power and muscle development.
    • Improves physical performance and recovery process.

    Ingredients and format of ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition:

    The recommended dose (35 g) has the following specifications:

    • Has 133 kcal.
    • Contributes 0.25 g in fats, including 0.1 g in saturated fats.
    • Provides 1.3 g in carbohydrates, including less than 0.1 g in sugars.
    • Provides 32 g in protein.

    Benefits of ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition:

    ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition is an isolated whey protein of high purity, prepared using the best ingredients in order to offer the best results. It has been created using Pronativ®, a patented raw material, at its most natural form, without artificial aggregates, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Its primary raw material is milk obtained from farms that only feed their animals on organic grass; hormones are not used. Such ingredient is exposed to microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes, in which only low temperatures are applied.

    You can trust you will get an incredible nutrition with the consumption of ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition. This nutritional supplement will provide you with a high concentration of essential amino acids, which you must have to regenerate your muscles and achieve an incomparable performance. It has been designed for a high level of assimilation, along with a great bioavailability. You can experience incredible physical recovery, high performance and incredible endurance. You can also enjoy it in different delicious flavors; including a neutral-flavored option, ideal to be added to your favorite smoothies or shakes.

    Ensure your greatest physical capacity with ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition. Add to your diet this pure and high-quality protein, which your body will quickly assimilate. Due to its composition high in amino acids, you will have the essential building blocks to repair and regenerate your muscles. In the same way, it will provide you with improved muscle performance, in addition to promoting excellent physical recovery. All this will result in superior strength and energy and thus have incredible trainings.

    Recommended daily dose of ZeroPro Protein from Amix Nutrition:

    • Dissolve 35 g (1 measure of its scoop) in 300 ml of water.
    • Take up to 3 doses per day.
    • Recommended to use an electric mixer or sports shaker.
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