Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition is a novel new shaker. This unique shaker on the market is composed of three parts: to store the powder, tablets or capsules and water. It is really practical and easy to use. It is a professional shaker and of excellent quality.

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    Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition will help you prepare the best smoothies anywhere.

    Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition is a shaker that can be used every day, you can even store it in the freezer, heat its contents in the microwave and wash in the dishwasher, all that as many times as you want. All this thanks to it is designed for real life. It was developed to organize both your powdered supplements and capsules, thanks to their compartments. It is made of high quality plastic, free of BPA and DEHP and with perfect dimensions to mix any type of preparation or other uses. It also incorporates a high quality stopper to prevent accidental openings or prevent spills of liquids.

    Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition is ideal for transporting your shakes when you go to the gym, to train or just out of the house, so you can prepare them anytime, anywhere. It is important to prepare these protein-rich shakes, because proteins must be present in any sportsman's diet, they are not exclusive to strength sports. Similarly, endurance athletes should pay special attention, since in many cases their intake is often deficient, affecting recovery processes and slowing down training adaptations. Sports supplements are very important and this shaker will give you the freedom and comfort you need to transport and create your delicious shakes.

    Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition has a special design with which you can take, in the shaker itself, the powder of any sports supplement separated from the water and mix it whenever you want. This way your shakes will retain all their qualities. It also includes a special pillbox with several compartments to be able to take pills of different types without the need to be mixed, which supplements perfectly and makes this product a unique sports accessory in the market.

    Facts of Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition

    • The results of the shakes are excellent.
    • Easy and fast to use.
    • Anti-lump grid.
    • Completely airtight screw-on closure.
    • Professional.
    • Excellent quality.
    • Leakproof, even for hot and cold drinks.

    Shaker Monster Bottle Color from Amix Nutrition is an incredible product, you can use it anytime, anywhere. This shaker gives you the freedom and great advantage of carrying everything you need for the shake and your pills in a single unit. It is much better and more comfortable to carry all that is different places, which causes you only discomfort. This shaker is ideal and practical for everyone.

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory, use to transport and create delicious shakes.

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