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Shaker from Amix Nutrition is an incredible shaker, ideal for anyone who needs a quality shaker and where they can prepare their protein shakes. Prepare any type of powdered drink quickly, does not leave any type of lumps and can be used any time and place.

    Shaker from Amix Nutrition is ideal to prepare your protein shakes quickly and easily.

    Shaker from Amix Nutrition is a new novel shaker. It is made with high quality plastic, free of BPA and DEHP. It is ideal for all those who need a shaker, of high quality, practical, resistant and that can prepare the protein shakes or any other powdered formula. To use it anywhere and at any time. It is easy to transport and is anti-spill, if you lead a life of active training, it is the best option for you.

    Shaker from Amix Nutrition is one of the most complete shakers on the market. It was specially designed so you can prepare your shakes in a convenient, practical and easy way. It has a screw cap, an anti-lump grille and is anti-spill. It will allow you to make an excellent shake in a short time and without lumps, simply shaking it slightly. Protein shakes are mainly used by athletes who need some food immediately after their workouts, most people can not make a meal immediately after the workout and use protein shakes as an alternative. Shakes are a great alternative and this product will make the preparation much easier.

    Shaker from Amix Nutrition is made with high quality materials, which allows it to resist washing, without losing its characteristics and without erasing its print. It also incorporates a compartment in the base that allows you to carry the powder to prepare it where you want. Its special design and threaded mechanism provide great comfort and safety, you will not have to worry about the liquid being spilled. For this reason, it is the best way to prepare your shakes and transport them. It is also the fastest option to give your body that gas you need. Whatever your goal, you must keep in mind that the important thing is to nourish your body to always be prepared.

    Facts of Shaker from Amix Nutrition

    • Excellent quality.
    • Threaded closure.
    • Anti-lump grille.
    • Totally airtight.
    • Comfortable and easy to carry.
    • Has a compartment in the base to carry another shake or powdered formula.
    • Practical.
    • Spill-proof.

    Shaker from Amix Nutrition is an incredible product with which you can prepare your delicious shakes whenever you want. Consuming your powdered supplements will be much easier, faster, easier and more comfortable. Simply add the powdered contents together with water or another drink and then shake. In just seconds you will get a drink totally free of lumps. Say goodbye to blenders and other tools.

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory, use a powdered product to mix with water, shake and ready.

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