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Pure Psyllium - 120 capsules

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Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition is an excellent supplement highly nutritious, made with components of natural origin that provide great digestive qualities to the body. Its extraordinary formula helps maintain a healthy digestive system, helping to counteract gastrointestinal conditions and favor an optimal intestinal flow.

    Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition, an extraordinary natural way of stimulating and protecting the proper operation of the digestive system through the medicinal properties of Plantago Ovata.

    Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition is a fantastic nutritional supplement made with components of natural origin that offer its extraordinary medicinal and therapeutic properties in a practical format of soft capsules, ideal to ingest anywhere and at any time of the day. The innovative formula of Psyllium Pure developed by Amix experts brings to the organism the innumerable benefits provided by the Plantago Ovata plant through its seeds and the outer shell of this medicinal wonder from nature, helping to ensure an optimal operation of the digestive tract and an adequate intestinal flow.

    Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition provides a great versatility in its benefits, this fantastic product of natural origin is widely recommended when countering any type of digestive condition, such as diarrhea, indigestion and other discomfort associated with the functions of the digestive system of the body. The fantastic formula of this great nutritional supplement is rich in non-caloric soluble fiber, so it is commonly used to treat gastrointestinal problems, its high fiber content specializes in stimulating intestinal elimination in a healthy and regular way, helping to stabilize the levels of sugars and cholesterol in the blood and at the same time, helps to improve the intestinal transit.

    Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition is ideal to be incorporated as a nutritional supplement of a properly balanced diet, allowing them to enjoy their extraordinary and proven medicinal properties that contribute to maintain a healthy and 100% regular intestinal life. Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition helps control and reduces anxiety and cravings caused by nutrition plans designed to stimulate weight loss, leading to better results in your diet.

    Facts of Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition

    • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
    • Provides an important source of soluble non-caloric fibers.
    • Combats digestive and gastrointestinal problems.
    • Helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
    • Stimulates an optimal intestinal transit.
    • Decreases considerably the suffering of constipation.
    • Helps stabilize blood levels of cholesterol and sugars in the body.
    • Reduces the feeling of anxiety and cravings.
    • Easy to digest.
    • The use of the recommended dose does not generate side effects.

    Pure Psyllium from Amix Nutrition can be used as a laxative or as a stool softener, stimulating a proper evacuation process, with the intention of improving intestinal transit and avoid digestive discomfort.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, it is recommended to take between two and four capsules per day with plenty of water.

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